Are you fat like I am?


You tired of people poking your belly and asking you to laugh like the Pillsbury Dough Boy? I am. Last year I had weighed around 185lbs, not my lightest, but certainly less than what I am now. I had this AWESOME idea of gaining weight in order to compete in the 200 Club for the Winter Series. So that meant I allowed myself to lose control of my eating and the lack of discipline caused me to balloon up to 208lbs…yeah I know…its bad.

Though I told myself that I’d lose my “racing fat” after the Winter Series, I’ve yet to drop any weight. I’m what you call one of those emotional eaters and honestly its very difficult for me to lose weight since its more than just working out and eating less. To me it gets super complicated and often give into my emotional needs that turn towards food.

So now I’m at the cross roads which I have been to many times over and over again. I want to lose the weight and I’m at a point that I’m fed up with it. But what makes this time around different from all the other times that I’ve tried weight loss? Well here’s the deal, I’m hear to challenge our readers to a weight loss challenge. Much like how I challenge Vince Rodarte of KHS Bicycles to a weightloss wager last year. But this time, I’m opening it up for all of our readers.

How will this work? Simple, I will accept up to 5 challengers and I’ll make this interesting. If you win the challenge, you might just win some sort of “grand prize!” If I win, you will be required to name your first born or at least a family pet as “RLaunceston.” Fair enough right?

Anyhow, if you are “serious” and would like the opportunity to win something cool, then leave a comment below and we’ll get this party started!

RL Policar

RL Policar is an avid mountain biker and the Editor In-Chief of and Between the two sites, he's published well over 4,000 articles (and growing).

10 thoughts on “Are you fat like I am?

  1. Hey buddy, Been reading your site for a while. I am in a similar situation where I was 180lb a year ago and now I am over 210lbs. What happened? I am not sure. I guess I thought as long as I was active I could eat whatever I wanted. Turns out that only held true as long as I ate under 2k calories a day and burned a third of that running around. Getting a desk job this past year hasnt helped either.

    What does the challenge entail? I am up for it.

  2. Correct me if im wrong , but it was rodarte not calvio?

    and whats the rules? count me in.

    im 315 lbs

  3. My friend I am a 15+ years mountain biker and have been overweigth for a life time, struggling between a little overweight and been very overweight.
    Now I am 5.54 and 220 lbs (100 kg).

    I read you guys all the time, I would like to join you on this trip… lets loose weight.

    I found some interesting tools on the internet that may help. Please tell me if I can join the challenge?

    And may be one of this days all the group could come to my county and I will take you to some amazing and beautiful mountain bike places (I mean amazing)!

    A friend from Ecuador, South America.

  4. I have a weight loss tape that I have been using for years. I can send you that roll of tape if you want. LOL…

    But seriously, since I have been riding my bike I have been able to maintain a weight of 208-212lbs. Not light by any means but I did balloon to 238-242lbs at one point. I believe I can lose more if I rode more (and ride harder) and eat the right food.

  5. Well..I am 6’2″ up and down between 225 and 240lbs. I compete in a race at least once every 2 weeks and can not keep the weight off. I am sure I would be much more competitive if I was down in the 2teens not where I am as of this morning at 237. Count me in!

  6. Gotta pass on this one…I can’t afford to lose any more weight. 132 lbs. after my last long bike ride.

    Tell you what, in solidarity I will try to GAIN weight as you lose it. Or you could just send your excess to me seein’ as how the cool weather is coming.

  7. Ok chubby buddies,

    Please email if you are SERIOUS about the contest. I’m thinking of doing an 8 week run. Basically you will submit your before photos, with your stats, such as age, weight, height.

    One rule we have is you need to incorporate biking into you workouts. Please remember that we are not responsible for injuries or death caused by your weightloss tactics. We highly recommend you speak with your doctor before starting any weightloss program.

    I’ll fill you in the rest of the info such us how to measure your progress, weekly updates and etc.

    send me an email INFO AT mtnbikeriders DOT com

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