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Two top Colorado mountain-bike racers face felony criminal-impersonation charges after allegedly cheating in last year’s Leadville Trail 100.

Veteran endurance athlete Wendy Lyall, 36, used Katie Brazelton’s entry number in the 2009 race, finishing second in the women’s age 40-49 class.

“It probably would have gone unnoticed except the woman who did race came in second in her age group, and in front of a thousand people, one of them went up and stood on the podium and accepted the award and accepted the trophy and the prizes that went with it,” race founder and organizer Ken Chlouber said.

Lyall has been charged with criminal impersonation, a Class 6 felony. Brazelton, 40, will face the same charge, District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said. Class 6 is the lowest felony charge.

“After talking with people in the race, this is something very serious,” Hurlbert said.

Buncha idiots…

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