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For those of you interested in demoing some bikes this summer season you should definitely check out Dirt Rag’s Demo Tour Finder. Dirt Rag has linked each manufacturer’s tour information to this one webpage. What a great idea. Here’s what they have to say:

Ride it before you buy it. That’s sage advice for anyone that’s shopping for a new bike. A great place to start is with your local bicycle shop, as many dealers offer you the opportunity to throw a leg over bikes to get a feel for how they ride.

It gets even better when the manufacturer’s demo fleet rolls into a nearby trailhead and you get the opportunity to test a slew of bikes back-to-back on technical trails. To that end, we’ve collected the following information to help you track down the demo tours, so you can get yer mitts on the latest mountain bikes. Don’t forget your helmet, shoes (and pedals if you have a preference) and drivers license (some demos also require a credit card as security, so pack one if you got one).

Click for Dirt Rag’s Demo Tour Finder.

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