EVS Sports RC Evo neck protector update

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I had the chance to race with EVS Sports RC Evo neck protector at Woodward West. One of my major concerns was wearing the neck protector with my current body armor. After several tries, the best fit was to place the neck protector over the body armor and my racing jersey. The neck protector fit snug, but not uncomfortable.

I was also worried about developing a heat rash around my neck area, the neck protector did rub, but I no rash appeared. I’m the type of person that sweats a bit, so the protector had to come off to air dry after each run.

I did not get a chance to crash test the RC Evo, (nor did I wanted to) but I felt a little more comfortable wearing a neck protector. Did I mention that the neck protector’s msrp is $175? Compare it to its competitor and its about $200 less! I will have the full review after this weekend’s Fontana race.

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