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This is my KHS Bicycles Mechanic Shirt. Ya I know its not your traiditional jersey that has light weight polyester and pockets. But this is an awesome riding shirt!

I’ll tell ya why this shirt rocks. Well its a bit thicker than a jersey, so that means its perfect for early morning or night rides. It is made with 100% polyester, so that means it is moisture wicking. Due to its intended purpose, this shirt is very durable. I wear it all the time. In fact I wear it to the office, when I wrench of bikes and while on the trail.

This picture was taken during dinner after recent night ride. Oh that reminds me, this shirt makes you look good when going out to eat after a ride. No longer will you look goof with your tight jersey/loud/flashy colors…

If you’re not cool enough to wear a KHS Bicycles Mechanic shirt, then you can run to your local Wal-Mart and pick up a Dickies work shirt for about $15. I’d go with a darker color, that way if you’re wrenching on bikes and you get it dirty, it won’t be too obvious.

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5 thoughts on “My new mountain bike jersey

  1. That’s smart and dumb at the same time. smart because it works, I watched Race Across the sky and saw one of the riders doing the same thing.

    dumb because that’s aa cool shirt. you should treasure it.

  2. How does one go about getting a KHS mechanic’s shirt? I looked on their storefront and, well, no bueno.

    Such a garment would go very nicely with my custom-made Bianchi work shirt…hook me up with the details!

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