Which MtnBikeRiders.com Jersey Would You Want to buy?

From left to right:
Moe wearing the “V Stripe”, David Sanderson wearing “OG”, RL wearing “Stealth”, Joe wearing “Old School”
mtnbikeriders.com jersey

Just in case you haven’t seen the Stealth Jersey, here it is:



Depeding on the demand, we’ll soon be offering a “custom made” V Stripe or “Stealth” jersey with YOUR NAME in the back. That’s right, you can sport the MtnBikeRiders.com jersey at your local trail. Details will soon follow, but let me know what you like.

8 Replies to “Which MtnBikeRiders.com Jersey Would You Want to buy?”

  1. Where I ride, black would be a terrible idea… as I ride in the summer and it’s already hot…

  2. I like the V Stripe AND Stealth models, and would be happy with either one. It’s gotta say “Ghost Rider” on it. You know my address 😉

  3. YEA the Steal-th gets may vote. I do not have a black jersey and can use it in the fall/Winter time.

  4. Sorry you didn’t like it “W”. But I found something you might prefer…

    I’m sure you can wear it to work…at Hearst….

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