Jersey Ideas?

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One of the benefits of working for my employer, is that I can release one of a kind jerseys. My new tuxedo jersey is currently my favorite.
Bonelli 10/16/10
With Cousin Joe

Here’s what I call the Web Jersey.

So now I’m looking to release a new jersey, but I’m not sure which direction to take….I was kinda thinking of an Evel Knievel look…but instead of the EK on his belt buckle, it would have RL….eh, not bad…

Another jersey idea was to do something like this, but with arrows pointing on both directions.

Do you have any suggestions?

RL Policar

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5 thoughts on “Jersey Ideas?

  1. UCI World Champion stripes should be left alone…wearing them if you’re not a world champion is the UTMOST in tackiness, at least in roadie circles.

    I’ve always wanted an “I’m With Stupid” shirt with the arrow pointing straight up.

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