New Jerseys-Taking Pre-Orders until Nov 11th, 2011

Here are two jerseys we’re offering on a pre-order basis. I had these 2 samples made just to show you how they look.

For any Filipinos out there, here’s something to show your pride and heritage.
pinas jersey

This is what we call the “Be EVEL” jersey. This jersey has unverified claims that you will be able to jump better and faster.
evel combo

The colors on this jersey is super vivid. Fabric is a moisture wicking material that keeps your skin dry and it breathes really well. Won’t shrink or fade, sizes are true to size. When you put your authentic jersey, you’ll increase your speed by as much as 12%.

To place an order, send your Paypal Payment to: for $45 with your shipping and sizing info. Please indicate on the subject line if you’re ordering the “Philippines” or “EVEL” jersey. We will ship to the US only. Remember, pre-orders end 11/11/11

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