Racing the Redline Monocog 29er, Update #3

 It has been different on the 29er, even more so while racing, so far it has been positive. Redline gave me a Demo 29er to test/race/ and abuse. RL set this connection up for me and warned Redline that I break a lot of bike parts. I am “The Animal”, this is a nickname that the Team has given me.

The First Race of the Triple Crown Series at Bonelli Park, I placed 1st in this race and finished strong. The next day I did a recovery ride, slow and easy started at Whiting Ranch rode up to the top, out the back gate, down the road to Blackstar Canyon, up to Beeks Place, and down Skyline to my friends house in Corona. The Redline did all this without any problems, after I did a few modifications.


The changes to the bike were done on my own dime to get it ready for some intense racing action. First and foremost the brakes were not up to par to stop a 245 pound Animal barreling down some tight single track. I changed the brakes to the new Shimano SLX BR-M665 hydraulic opposed 2-piston caliper, these brakes have been working great -so far no problems. I have replaced the crankset and bottom bracket after I rounded out the square taper bb that came with the bike, it was replaced with an isis splined bb and a Race Face crankset, currently using the ramped 32 tooth gear that was on the triple with no problems, I reused the bash guard that came with the bike. In a previous posting I mentioned how I changed out the chain and rear sprocket here is the link

I am starting to really enjoy this bike it is BIG! The wheels do roll over most things, just like ever other 29 rider I have talked too. One thing that I need pay special attention to,  fast-tight-winding-single track, the Big wheels tend to go to the outside of a turn. If you keep that in mind and set up the turn both diving in you’ll do fine.

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  1. I just got my 2011 Monocog today, 19″
    I like it but the gearing seems way to slow for me on the flats,
    I’m not used to riding my cadence this fast, it seems like how I would set a geared bike for going up really steep hills and I dont know what to do, all this talk of gear teeth confuse me.

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