The last few months have been very hectic for me.  I’ve had minimal time on my bikes as well as not being able to contribute to this site.  With the time change and tons of work, it has been a real challenge to get out and ride.

Last Saturday December 19th, I treated myself to a day of riding.  First was in the morning where I met some friends at the famous Fulerton Loop for a relaxing cross country ride.

Later that afternoon, I joined other friends for some downhill fun.  The seven of us met somewhere in Corona and shuttled to the top of the trailhead called Skinsuit.  This was a fast, steep, flowy downhill run that was several miles long.  All the way down we were riding on the spine of the mountain with the view of the city just below us. Just what I needed – an adrenaline rush… and what a blast it was!!!  Below is a video of our ride. 

After a double dose of riding, XC & DH, I was temporarily relieved of stress.  One thing for sure, I need to get on my bike more often 🙂

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