Ride: The Path Sunday Ride 01-17-2010

This past Sunday, Tony and I decided to take advantage of The Path Bike shop’s Sunday ride.  The ride location changes week to week so be sure to check The Path Blog for the current week.  It’s a no-drop ride and has riders from every skill level but typically takes on at least intermediate terrain to keep the more advanced riders satisfied. This week’s ride was through Santiago Oaks and was a great way to spend the last day before the rains came in. Here’s some video from that ride, the wide-screen scenes were shot with the Vholdr Contour HD 1080P camera, set to 720p and 60 frames per second. The other footage was shot with my point-and-shoot digital camera. I apologize for the lack of audio, so throw on some tunes when you watch this.

Also The Path happened to be hosting a Pivot/BH bikes demo that several riders got to take advantage of.  It was a well-stocked demo with the whole Pivot line in several sizes. I’ve taken advantage of a Pivot Demo before and they are awesome bikes!

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