Ride Report: 03-14-2010 Turnbull Canyon with The Path Bike Shop Group

As soon as it was announced that The Path Bike Shop group ride would be hitting Turnbull Canyon in Whittier, Tony and I were stoked. Located in Whittier, CA Turnbull Canyon is Tony and Kim’s home trail and serves as our Tuesday after-work ride. So to say we’re familiar with the trail would be an understatement.

The Path Crew Arrives

Kim, Tony and I were among the first to reach Turnbull Canyon and watched with anticipation as vehicle after vehicle arrived with bikes aboard and when all was said and done we had 18 riders for a Tour-de-Turnbull.

Beautiful weather and weeds as Kim leads Steve and Tony up a climb

It was an amazing day for a ride with the temperatures staying in the 70s and clear skies overhead. Maxwell and Brian W were representing The Path Bike shop and Maxwell’s friend Brian (didn’t catch his last name) served as ride lead and set up the ride plan. Up the fire road, 7th ave loop, down Rattlesnake, Cow Trail loop and finally descend A-side.

The Graffiti Tower

What a ride it turned out to be! With such a large group, usually there are several mechanicals and a diverse set of rider skills and abilities , leading to compromises on the route ridden. But today, everyone was of similar skill and ability and the only mechanicals were a derailleur adjustment and a broken chain. The chain even broke at a powerlink, meaning we didn’t have to pull out a chain breaker to fix it. All said and told, it was an amazing ride with grueling climbs for the XC crowd, jumps and tech lines for the all-mountain/free-riders and a great time for everyone.


Thanks goes out to Brian for setting up the ride, The Path Bike Shop in Tustin for hosting and sending Brian W and Maxwell. Oh, and watch out if you’re at The Path, for some reason I always end up buying a bike if Brian W is there, so be leery of him!

Check out the video I was able to capture with the Vholdr Contour HD 1080p camera and edit with Windows Movie Maker (because it’s free!). Please go to Youtube to view these videos larger and in higher quality (up to 720p). [Just click on the video a second time – 1st click begins playing, 2nd click takes you to the video on Youtube.]

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  1. Sorry I missed the ride it looked like a great day for a ride and thanks for the call (310 number?).Got my side job done though.Next time.

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