Win a Team Kit (Small Jerseys and Medium T-shirt)

Ok folks, for those of you that didn’t win last week’s contest, here’s your chance to take him a team kit. Yes you read it right, this kit for the smaller, streamlined, more athletic rider. Don’t ask for any other sizes…cuz I don’t have any!

Anyhow, if you can fit into a Medium T shirt and small jerseys (jerseys fit more like mediums). Then make sure you enter now. All you have to do is leave a valid comment with your real name and email (email required for comment). You must be from the lower 48, I will not ship international nor to Alaska or Hawaii.

So here’s what you get in the team kit. 2 full sublimated jerseys, STEALTH and Punisher (skull). You’ll also get a T-shirt and finally you’ll receive a genuine 3 foot sticker to go on your car, truck or SUV! contest

Contest ends on 03/20/2010 @ 11:59pm. We’ll pick the winner by drawing names and contact him/her, we’ll also announce it the following week.

Good luck!

24 Replies to “Win a Team Kit (Small Jerseys and Medium T-shirt)”

  1. this one’s even cooler than the previous giveaway (and would probably actually fit me, given how small i am!) BTW, also really dug the review of the KHS 555!

  2. Oh snap, sweet giveaways! Can I collect it at fully loop on thursday night? Nice ride report on CHSP.

  3. Sweet Swag! This stuff would look great as I sport it at the 6 Hours of Warror Creek Race.

  4. It wont fit me but it sure will look sweet on my smokin’ hot wife! ; )

    If you want to look as buff as RL, go to Evomos site and order some stuff!

  5. This stuff is sweet, last time I saw my wife wearing mtb clothes I couldnt sleep for a week.

  6. Like I said last week… the small jersey will only help to accentuate my massive guns. I’ll send a picture of me kissing my glourious bicep after I win so you can finally have a decent picture of someone wearing your jersey.

  7. I don’t know Andy. The person that I know of who has the biggest guns that can wear our jersey with bicep-pride is the Animal.

    In fact, we came out with that sleeveless jersey he’s wearing just for him.

  8. I really need one of those jerseys! and its my size! Doin my first 50 mile on the 10th… let me rock it!

  9. I love the jersey that I bought last year — I NEED THESE and I’ll represent them well riding in NY

  10. I would love to sport this outerwear in Corona. The skull jersey we got was claimed by one of my boys. It would be great if we all match! 🙂

  11. I think I can fit into the small jersey. The medium t-shirt is a definite. And the sticker is larger than my rear windshield, but I could make it work. Hook it up!

  12. RL,

    I’m gonna have to say since I’m on the East Coast and you guys are all the way on the West Coast,(that distance and internet foruns make me much tougher than I really am),that I would make “The Animal” ,as you call him;look like a little school girl. He might even hang my photo in his living room to give himself inspiration to train harder.Just my opinion.

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