Airborne Bicycles: Taka is here!

Not too long ago I mentioned that something big was on its way to MtnBikeRiders. Well check out the all new Airborne Bicycles, Taka DH bike.

Airborne Taka dh bike

We’ll be testing the Airborne Taka and report back to you how well it holds up. By the way, the Taka has to be one of the most affordable downhill bikes we’ve ever seen…Giant Nerd has this bike listed at $1399.95

*those aren’t the pedals that come with the bike. In fact they don’t come with them at all. I installed a basic set just so I can pedal the Taka around.

6 Replies to “Airborne Bicycles: Taka is here!”

  1. I’m curious…do you guys get to keep the bikes? 🙂

    Seriously ?!?…reflectors make you go faster? I just took it off on mine…darn it

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