Review: Gorillatorch Flare

Gorillatorach Flare: The most flexible and adaptable hands-free flashlight.

The Gorillatorch Flare is an easy to use hands-free flashlight taking the proven attributes of the Gorillapod tripods and applying it to a flashlight. The three flexible legs of the Gorillatorch Flare make it easy to mount anywhere the legs can be wrapped but Joby, makers of the Gorillatorch, Gorillapod and Gorillamobile, did not stop there. Joby added magnetic feet that makes the Gorillatorch useful in places where the legs can not wrap. The Gorillatorch Flare’s plastic can taking a pounding as it was played with… I mean was tested by my three boys: 5, 3 & 8 months old. The Flare’s CREE Led produces a nice white light in three different levels plus a white strobe. The three red leds emits a strong red light or red strobe.

OK, so its not THAT dark in my garage, but the Gorillatorch Flare is that bright in its middle level.

Where have I used the Gorillatorch Flare? I started off using it in my garage. The previous owner who installed the florescent lights in the man cave (does it still count as a man cave if it is occupied by a minivan?) forgot to consult me prior to installation. Because of this, he left the large area above my repair stand sans lighting. When I am wrenching on small parts, I found the light in that area to be lacking and rather than moving the bike and repair stand to a location underneath some good lighting, I pulled out the Gorillatorch Flare and used the magnetic legs to attach to a convenient metal file cabinet. Voila! I had plenty of extra lighting that I did not have to hold. I could point the Flare directly at the area I was working on, in this case the front brakes as I was changing the brake pads.

From repair stand light to front commuter light. Gorillatorch Flare’s versatility RULES

Next, I decided to see if I could take the Flare out for a quick commute on the bike in the dark as my primary light source. The Flare, with its three levels of white light along with its strobe feature means that it could easily be used as a handlebar mounted light on my short commutes around the neighborhood. After finding a sturdy way to wrap the Flare around the handlebar/stem the Flare quickly went from focused spot repair stand light to a commuting light. With the strobe feature, I knew that I was definitely going to be seen by Southern California drivers. Even better, if I already had a front light mounted to the bike, the Flare could wrap around my seatpost and with its red light and red strobe, I could use it as a rear blinkie instead.

Nothing to wrap around, no worries. The powerful magnets in the foot of the Gorillatorch Flare opens up another venue to mount the Flare

I could go on and on about the different uses I have had for the Gorillatorch Flare, but I think you get the idea. It’s very useful and versatile. I will, though, bring up an unusual way I came to use the Flare: as a model light. One afternoon, I was messing around with the Gorillatorch Flare when I stuck it on the back of a folding chair. I grabbed a shot of it on the chair and seconds later, my 6 month old son came crawling over and instantly the Gorillatorch went from the model to model light.

Little J staring up at the Flare. Yes, thats spit up on his bib.

Joby got it right when they came up with the hands-free, versatile and durable Gorillatorch Flare. The Flare has suffered some abuse at the hands of three boys and their father. We have put the Flare through its places and the articulating legs and LEDS are, as expected, still running strong. The versatility of the Gorillatorch Flare really sets it apart from other flashlights, even hands-free flashlights. Having the Flare be durable with 6 different light settings are icing on the cake.

For more information on the Gorillatorch Flare, click here.

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