Sette NIX SPD Shoes-Testing Begins

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One of my favorite brands is Sette . Not only do they have quality products, but its really affordable! All their stuff is available through With that being said, I was fortunate enough to be able to get some new shoes from Sette.

The Sette NIX SPD Shoes are new for 2010, they actually remind me of their older shoe that I dearly love, the Sette Rival (no longer available). But this time, its white! The color scheme actually matches our 2011 Team Jerseys.

The heel area has 3m reflective magic, that way you can use it at night and still be seen.

The sole is very similar to the Rival. Don’t let the picture fool ya. You can remove the rubber cover so you can install SPD or CB cleats. If you’d rather use them with platform pedals, you can do that too.

The Sette NIX are relatively inexpensive compared to the 661 Filter shoes that look just like it, but can retail up to $99. I’ve been a strong supporter of Sette, my impact suit, knee/shin guards, shoes, bike frames, various tools and other knick knacks are all from Sette. If the Sette NIX is anywhere as good as the old Rival shoes, then it will last me years to come. But to be certain that their quality is top notch, I’ll be putting them through the paces in various riding conditions and report back with a full review.

***Quick Note: The NIX run a bit small, so when ordering go up a size bigger. For example, I normally wear a size 10, but for the Sette NIX, I would need to wear an 11.

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5 thoughts on “Sette NIX SPD Shoes-Testing Begins

  1. Hey, i’ve never actually tried out anything from sette. What was your first impression after putting them on? Like before breaking them in an everything how did they feel?

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    Get back to me with more info on the shoe

  2. Seriously Gregg? Way to hijack the post. Dude, if you’re interested in advertising, then we can talk. But I usually delete spam comments.

    RL Policar

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