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I was going to wait until my next race in October to post a review of the EVS Sports RC Evo neck protector, but I’ve realized that if you are racing this October and you are looking for a neck protector, you should put the RC Evo on your shopping list.

I’ve raced and practiced with the Evo neck protector on the last couple of races. The neck protector has become part of my “must wear” protection gear. Not being a spring chicken, being a father of two lovely girls, I can’t afford to be out injured so I wear as much protection as possible.

Wearing a neck brace for the first time took a little time to get used to, the Evo neck protector is not as slim as its competitor, but it is not as bulky that would make it unbearable or too distracting to ride with. On hot days, my neck became sweaty, but I did not experience any type of heat rash. I did have to remove the protector to air it out between runs, it didn’t take long to dry.

I was able to wear the protector over my 661 Armor suit and over my jersey, getting the Evo neck protector in place was easy, just place it around your neck, tighten the straps and you are ready to ride. We did find out one issue with the Evo neck protector, if you don’t have much of a neck, it will be really uncomfortable.

Racing with the protector gave me a little more confidence, it did not obstruct my vision nor did it impaired my head movement. There was a slight rubbing noise on my helmet, but come race time all sounds seem to mute and it did not bother me at all. I did not get to crash test the neck protector, if I do I will report on it to see how I did.

If you are looking for added protection for your neck, at a retail price of $175 (about $200 less than the Leatt Brace), you can’t go wrong with the EVO neck protector, I highly recommend it.

For more information, visit EVS Sports by clicking here.

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