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I received this little kit from Interbike. Some guy was passing them out @ the entrance and I finally had a chance to use it.
lens cleaner

Here’s some details:

Finally a lens cleaner that is Alcohol and Ammonia Free! Brilliant Idea! When you add in our SR8 scratch resistant coating you now can offer the most advanced cleaner/protector for ALL types of glass or plastic lenses.

* Cleans Glass & Plastic Lenses
* No Alcohol or Ammonia
* Added scratch resistance with SR-8
* Comes with a Micro Fiber Cleaning Pad
* Also works on Phones, Monitors, and MP3 players!

Brilliant LensesTM with SR-8TM provides gentle superior cleaning while imparting an invisible durable barrier that resists scratches, soiling and water spots.

Treat Your Lenses with the protection of SR-8

* SR-8 is a Polimer Additive that reduces surface tension making cleaning easier each time it is used.
* SR-8 Coats the lens leaving a protective barrier
* SR-8 Improves scratch resistance
* SR-8 Will not dry out protective coatings


To say it straight and simple…Brilliant Lenses works! One of the problems I have with eye wear would be my facial oil or sweat getting onto the lenses. Brilliant Lenses does a great job in eliminating all that stuff off without smearing it around.

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