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I received Bolle Barracuda a few months ago to review. I’ve put it through the paces with a mix of road riding and mountain biking.
Bolle Barracuda

You can pretty much find the Barracuda everywhere on line. Price ranges from $70-$99-depending on where you buy it from.

Below are the specs:

Product Information:

* The explosive style of the Barracuda Polarized from Bolle™ is ready to tackle any challenge.
* Lightweight and flexible frames are created with the purest, highest grade nylon.
* High strength ThermoGrip® rubber temple tips and nose pads deliver firm, comfortable adhesion.
* Shock absorber temple tips deliver added adhesion with a portioned metal core that delivers supreme comfort and flexibility.
* Spring hinges are designed to apply the right amount of tension to the temples, creating a secure and comfortable fit.
* Polarized lens eliminates most glare and reflected light with an optically precise filter.
* Polycarbonate lenses are made of a premium plastic resin that’s super lightweight and impact resistant.
* Carbo Glas® coating is a proprietary, industrial strength coating that’s applied to both sides of the lens for enhanced scratch resistance.
* Bolle lenses exceed ANSI requirements for UV protection, impact resistance, and optical clarity.
* Offers 100% UVA and UVB protection from the sun’s harmful rays.
* An ideal fit for larger faces.
* Protective case included.
* Dimensions:
Frame Width: 152mm
Lens: 42mm high x 68mm wide
Bridge: 17mm
Temple Length: 123mm
* 1.00 oz.

bolle barracuda review

During the next few months I had ridden in various conditions with no ill-effects to the glasses. It was doing well until October 16th, 2010. We were pre-riding the course for the 1st race of the Triple Crown Series. My glasses was a bit foggy, so I took them off my face and wiped them clean with my jersey (which I’ve done 100 time before). When I put the glasses back on my face, I noticed that my view was blurred. Upon inspection, I noticed that the inside coating on the right lens had completely rubbed off. The left lens was a bit scratched, but the odd thing was, the outside of the lenses had no scratches on it.
bolle barracuda
So I immediately contacted the kind folks of Bolle to tell them what had happened. They reassured me that Bolle has a 1 year warranty and the problem I described should be covered. In fact, their rep told me this:

“Bottom line is: Bolle wants it’s customers to be happy, and takes every reasonable step to make sure that’s the case. In this case, the best and most expedient thing to do is send a replacement ASAP. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

When I heard that, I was relieved because I had really enjoyed the Bolle Barracuda because it offers clear, crisp and a very vivid view through the lenses. Since these are polarized, they are even more clear and can pretty much eliminate all glare and reflected light.

On the trail they offer great eye protection from dust, bugs and anything that can get into your eyes. The wrap around design is perfect in preventing air from getting in and watering up your eyes during a descent. The Barracudas also help with letting you see the minor details of the trail. Seeing trail imperfections can make a difference in the line you take, so that means you can avoid potential crashes and ride at a higher rate of speed.
Bolle Barracuda Review
On the road the Bolle Barracuda is the perfect eye wear for bike commuters and roadies alike. Here’s why, when you are wearing normal sunglasses, and you’re coming up to a car, most likely the sun’s glare will hide your view of the driver. Personally, I like to make sure that I can see the driver of a car when I’m riding on the road. This allows me to make eye contact with them and make sure they see me in return. Besides, if you can’t see a driver in a car, your chances of getting doored is much higher because you can’t see if there is someone there who is about to open the door.

Below is an example of what you would see with non-polarized glasses (top photo) and what you would see with polarized(bottom photo).

Now that you’ve had a quick lesson on the benefits of polarized sunglasses, let me finish this review up with the following:

Bolle Barracuda:
*Fantastic eye wear-highly recommend.
*Very stylish, you can wear them for play or with a suit.
*Amazing visibility
*Prevents dust, grime, and other stuff from getting into your eyes when riding at fast speeds.
*Affordable, other brands that offer polarized lenses can cost up to $180. Bolle Barracuda can be found for as little as $75.
*Comfortable fit. Never fell off my face. Perfect for guys with larger heads like me.
*Excellent Customer Service from Bolle
Bolle Barracuda Review

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