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This past Saturday was the inaugural Super D Duper presented by I set up this event to be a low key/underground thing because I didn’t want to make it too big. So that meant it had to be an invitational. If you didn’t receive an invite, its probably because I don’t have your email.
super d invite copy
On race day, we had about 5 participants (including me), 2 photographers, 2 timers and one videopgrapher.

One at a time, we were released from the gate.

Jeremy Yang
Super D Duper photo by Ryan Killakey
Dan Burdett
JKY-Super Duper D-1 photo by Jeremy Yang

Corey Pond
JKY-Super Duper D-3photo by Jeremy Yang

Alfredo Garcia
JKY-Super Duper D-6photo by Jeremy Yang

RL Policar
JKY-Super Duper D-9photo by Jeremy Yang

At the end, results were in, 1st-Corey Pond, 2nd- Dan Burdett, 3rd-RL Policar
Super D Duper

I forgot to mention, we all had to pay a $10 entry fee. But that money goes into a pot in which the 1st place winner gets it all! That meant Corey earned himself a sweet $50! Oh yeah, we also had product raffles! Everyone had such a great time, that I am planning on hosting another event in the spring.

I’d like to thank everyone that came out as well as the folks who helped; Tim Shears, Moe Ramirez, Gabe Preda, Ryan Killakey (pics in the video), and Priscilla Policar.

Check out the video!

The Inaugural Super D Duper Presented by from Priscilla Policar on Vimeo.

RL Policar

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  1. Very cool. Put me on the list for the next one. 🙂 Also, it seems that the videos you guys put up pause every few seconds for me. I’m on a very fast computer with a very fast connection.

    Just in case it’s my computer, I’ve checked out other videos on Vimeo, and they all run butter smooth.

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