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Recently moving to Chino Hills, I have been exploring the State Park since its close to home. I know some of the trails, a few loops, but my friend Justin is a regular here. We agreed to meet up at 6:30 am. I know what your thinking, sunrise isn’t till 6:45! Well when you got a weekend full of things to do, you got to get out there whenever you can. Since the trailhead is only 4 miles from me, I decided to ride from my house. I put on some leg warmers and a jacket and headed out a little after 6:00.

dec 2010 024
The sun rise on my way to the trail head

I met up with Justin right on time, we hit the mile long fire road climb up Bane Canyon. When I have been here during the week, this is the only trail open due to the work Edison is doing. But since the crews weren’t working weekends, it was safe to ride elsewhere. We made our way over to Bane Ridge, the trails were in good shape, a little damp, but it made for some good traction.

dec 2010 025

From Bane we dropped back to the fire road and made our way to the South Ridge trail. This was a good climb that really got the legs burning.

dec 2010 026

From South Ridge we descended down to Four Corners, this was our turn around point. So after a quick breather we head out on Raptor, to make our way back home.

dec 2010 027

Raptor is a great trail, fast and fun. This lead us to the top of Rangers Ridge, where you can take in the nice views.

dec 2010 028

Coming down Rangers, you can tell this trail isn’t ridden very much. But it was one of my favorite parts of the ride. Its a quick section that you can get off the brakes and really get some speed. This put us right in the camp ground. From here you have a lot of options, because of the time we took Bane back to the Trail Head. After a quick spin home, the ride was just over 20 miles, and I was back before most were out of bed.

Its always nice to ride something different, and I know I’ll be back to check out some other stuff we saw on the way. For those of you that ride here often, what’s your favorite trail or loop? With all those trails, I’m sure there is something I’m missing.

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  1. That was a fun ride, I had a great time. We’ll have to go explore those trails to the north of Rangers Ridge one of these days.

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