Ibex Bicycles are BACK!

You read it right, Ibex Bicycles is back in business! They even brought out a new model called the Maroc that is available in a 26″ or 29er frame.

Here’s a teaser of their 29er Maroc frame.

One thing unique about this frame, its in raw carbon. Meaning it wasn’t painted, and the downtube and chain stay is lined with Kevlar to help protect it from trail abuse. Make sure you go over its geometry; the head tube angle is slacker than most at 70 degrees.

The Asta is back in production as well as the re-engineered Ignition. Make sure you check out Ibex Bicycles to see what they’re up to.


2 Replies to “Ibex Bicycles are BACK!”

  1. Dudes, this frame looks hawt! When is someone gonna do a carbon frame with sliders? is there already one?

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