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Check out this new eyewear that combines an onboard POV camera. This product is offered by Pivothead.
It comes in various colors and styles. Here’s Artie modeling the product.
This one would go great with Artie’s Stormtrooper costume.
The video quality they showed on the big screen tv’s at the booth demonstrated that it was a decent camera. I forgot all the tech stuff, but from what I can recall they offer a 780p resolution with up to an hour or recording time.

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3 thoughts on “Interbike 2011: Pivothead

  1. There was also a booth that had some kind of heads up display built into goggles. I think it synced up to a smart phone or something like that. I’m not sure what it displayed…. (speed, alt, weather.. yes, weather)…. but it’s becoming like “The 6th Day”.

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