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So I spend a fair amount of money on my bike addiction. Most of you like-obsessed readers do. I hit up all avenues for a deal. I need to make the most of disposing of my non-disposable income. Like many of you too I suffer from that most common of money hemorrhaging afflictions — a wife and kids. I am by no means an Extreme Cheapskate. I DO use toilet paper, I DO NOT eat roadkill, and in a show of extreme financial waste, I have both 26″ and 29″ wheeled bikes outfitted with TUBES! Gasp! However, I do try to save money where I can. An example of which was a daddy-daughter-day yesterday.

My daughter and I spent the day at Knott’s Berry Farm. Money savings #1 was we got in the park for free. $$$ Money savings #2 was I packed our own snacks and drinks. $$$ Money savings #3 (this is where frugality trumps convenience) I ensured we had free parking. The lot adjacent to the shops near the entrance has free parking for 3 hours or less. Therefore, I park, set a timer, hang with Snoopy, return to lot, get in the car and exit, drive 200 yards to re-enter lot, park, reset timer, $15 saved.

Why am saving money? College? Nope. Braces? Nah? Shoes for the Mrs? Are you kidding? No, it is for a new one of these sexy beasts. . .

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Courtesy of Transition Bikes
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2 thoughts on “Baller on a Budget

  1. I spent a couple gran on a new 2010 Cannondale RIZE 120_3 with a Lefty, Instead of fixing up my Nissan Z32…

    I feel your pain… LOL

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