GoPro Hero Lens Replacement

Recently I noticed there was a scratch on the lens of LadyP’s GoPro Hero2. Not sure if you can see it on this photo, but there’s a little scratch.
gp scratch
Though the scratch is small, I didn’t think it would affect the camera’s ability to take video or photos. But check out this photo, notice the blur? That’s where the scratch is.
blurred gp
To fix this problem, I went ahead and ordered a Lens Replacement Kit from Ebay for less than $20. This kit comes with 2 lenses, 2 rubber gaskets, new screws and a screw driver.
gopro replacement kit
After removing the screws, the lens easily lifts up. Notice the position of the gasket, make sure when you install the new lens and gasket, that it’s facing the proper way.
gopro replacement kit
Once the new lens and gasket is in place, reinstall the screws and you’re all set!
gopro replacement kit
To prevent any future lens damage, I’ve utilized this Koozie as a protective case, fits perfectly!
gopro koozie


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