Working on a bike? Use a TV Dinner Tray/Table

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When I’m working on my bikes, I have to switch from one too to another and often times I’ll have to set those tools down. The problem I have is that I didn’t have a place to set them down and because of my lack of attention, I’ll forget where I placed them. So I came up with this simple idea. I found this TV Tray/Table from the Goodwill for $5.
I keep it next to me when I’m wrenching on bikes. I had even thought about drilling some holes on it so I can insert my allen wrenches, screw drivers and other tools. Another idea I had was to install small hanging hooks on the end of the table so I can hang my pedal wrench or cone wrenches. I figured this was one way to help me keep somewhat organize. But based on that photo above, I may need more help…Oh by the way, this table it totally 29er and 650b compatible.

RL Policar

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