It took you long enough…

Those words were said to me the other day as I had a conversation with who I consider to be one of the most highly informed 29er guys I’ve ever met in this whole universe. That person is none other than Jeremy Yang. For as long as I’ve known Jeremy, he’s been riding 29ers and never saw the appeal of 26er bikes. In fact he and I, along with The Moe would go back and forth (in a fun and loving way) about why one is better than the other. But in all honesty, I never really saw a benefit to 29ers until about 6 months ago. That’s when I first got a hold of the Airborne Goblin 29er. Just read the review and you’ll learn why I love it so much.

We fast forward to last Friday where Jeremy mentioned something to me that he’s noticed I’ve been riding 29ers more lately. I had to agree with him and even went on explaining why I suddenly love them. Then he said it in a joking, yet in the tone of “I told you so.” “It took you long enough!”

This photo was taken the day after I spoke with Jeremy.
29er mountain bikes

Yep, he was right, it did take me long enough. But I have to tell you, I’m not quite like (and there’s nothing wrong with it) Jeremy, I still own and love to ride my 26er bikes. In fact Jeremy is so hardcore/sold out(which is cool) for 29ers that I think the only smaller wheeled bikes he has in his stable would be his children’s bikes. Other than that, he doesn’t personally own a 26er, he thinks they have cooties. 🙂

So there you have you have it, I’m riding 29ers for XC purposes, but if I really want to get down and dirty, I’ll bust out my 26er AM bikes. I am rather curious to see how an AM and DH 29er would feel.

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  1. Glad you finally came around to the dark side, RL. That Burt Reynolds is slick with the new fork.

    You’re right, I only have 29ers in the stable and will probably not own a 26er until the kids get big enough to ride one. Long live the 29er!

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