Redline’s Customer Service

After having something really weird happen to the Redline Mono 9 (caused by user error) a couple of weeks ago we contacted Redline and they immediately sent out a new chainring for me. I picked up the chainring a few days ago and my addled brain thought I had written a post pointing out how great Redline’s service was. But I guess I didn’t. That’s what two boys under the age of 3 will do to you, plus rainy weather in So. Cal.

Redline also, thankfully, sent along the correct chainring bolts too! If you read this site, you’ll know that the bolts is what caused the problem… argh.

Thanks Redline for your great customer service. It’s no wonder people who buy Redline bikes love them so much.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I just bought a Redline Monocog Flight (the green one) used and need a new sliding dropout with a derailleur hanger – but can’t find the Redline contact info on their website. Do you happen to have a number or email for them?


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