Double Banger Tandem Update: We’re all Eccentric Up in Here!

Nick D. contacted me a few days ago and told me he’s made some progress with the tandem project. He found some tubing that would work perfectly well for our Eccentric Bottom Bracket. You know the saying, “measure twice, cut once.”
tandem eBB

Check out our Niner EBB in the new shell.
tandem EBB

Here’s how it looks on the frame. Nick D. had to cut/grind off the old BB shell to make room for the new one. He did a great job, don’t ya think?
tandem eccentric bottom bracket
Before Nick D. welds anything. He’ll have to build a jig to make sure everything is lined up. Can’t wait to see that process!

The Double Banger Tandem Project is proudly sponsored by Serfas. Bringing Cycling to Life.

4 Replies to “Double Banger Tandem Update: We’re all Eccentric Up in Here!”

  1. Looking sweet! Hey—-is Nick D. set up to handle any production formats? Something like 5-10 custom racing footbikes per month….?!

  2. It really depends on if the are all the same or change. If they constantly change I would just need to know the range of the changes to build it into the jig. If they are always going to be the same it may be better to do some annual projections and have it made in China, but engineered here. Either way it can be done.

  3. We already build in a family owned company in Taiwan. But we want to stray from the mass production fold and produce a US fabricated unit where we can incorporate some of our own design changes and limit production to our unique customer base. We’ve got the plans, the background, and the ability to deliver—-we just need the right team with the right tools and we can discuss. RL has been on our machine, so he can provide some input. If you are curios, ask RL for an introduction and we can take it from there.

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