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I know this is, but Cyclocross bikes are cool and you can take them on a trail ride too. If you don’t know what Cyclocross, CX, or CROSS is (as they are also known as) then I’ll tell you what it is.
Cross is a race that’s run on a closed course during the fall and winter, in rain or shine, under all conditions, on a bike that may look like a roadbike, but far from it. The time frame of these races will be from 30 minutes [for CAT 3 beginners], 35 minutes [CAT 2 sport category], 45 minutes [CAT 1 expert], and well the ELITE go for 60 minutes.
This is a full gut wrenching sprint with one foot tall boards that you have to dismount your bike and jump over. Now the really brave souls will bunny hope over them. This could be quite fun to watch happen.
So lets talk about the bikes. The have a tougher frame to take the beating, chain stays and forks are wider to let mud go through the frame easier, geometry is a lot different then compared to a roadbike, and know with the most recent change in rules from the UCI Cross bikes can now have disc brakes.
Here is a shot of my first year racing Cross.
RALEIGH’s top CX bike will come with electronic shifters and Disc Brakes.
There is something about Italian bikes I just can’t explain, so I will let the photos speake for me.
GIANT’s entry’s were cool as ever and proven winners.
VAN DESSEL always has a simple looks, but it will take you to the top if you got it.
KHS Cross bikes don’t just look good hanging up.
REDLINE will always be a bike of choice for me when it comes to racing Cross. I won my Cross series on a REDLINE CONQUEST and its clear to see REDLINE’s 2014 CONQUEST series is still a winner.
I know you readers will know the PIVOT line from their quality made bikes and their awesome DH bike the PHOENIX, well PIVOT has a Carbon framed Cross bike now and it really looks great from head to toe.

Well there you have it, some Cyclocross hotness. If any of these look like a fun choice you should go for it. I had the time of my life racing Cross and I will be hitting some races this year.

Thanks to all the companies that let us capture their bike on camera for our readers.

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