Clothing Clearance Event

In the spirit of Black Friday and making money and all that jazz. We’ve gone through our inventory and figured we’d sell what ever we had left in stock. So this means these items are the last of them. No refunds, or exchanges or you whining about how you got the wrong size and etc. Got it? Ok good. So here’s a list of the items we have for sale. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing. If you order the item on a holiday, then you’re going to have to wait until we’re done holidaying it up before we ship it. All items are US ONLY shipping.

We’ve only got a handful of these t-shirts left. $5+$2.50 for shipping.
white mtn t shirt


We have ONE left of our 5 year jersey. Size Medium. $20+$2.50 shipping.
5 year copy

Our famous Pink Tuxedo. $20+$2.50 shipping. This jersey allows you to do really cool stuff without the use of beer.
pink tuxedo


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