Pain Meds-An Old Man’s Best Friend

Not sure if you’re an older guy like me, The Moe, and Artie, if you are, then you probably carry some Motrin/Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen with you at all times. Personally, I keep some in my vehicles and in my hydration pack. Why? Well… it’s because everything hurts. If I fart wrong, my back goes out. Or if I do a bunny hop and land wrong, it hurts, oh I usually take a few hundred mg after a ride to get ahead of the soreness that’s about to ensue.

Just so you know, I’m not a doctor, so what I’m talking about is generally from my own personal experience. But if my back is really jacked up, I’ll do a cocktail of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, this combo is magnificent because it relieves the pain without feeling high like you would get with Norco. In fact, I recently had oral surgery and this cocktail helped keep the pain away and bring my swelling down. I know we’re talking a lot about drogas and all that, but you know the drill, you gotta talk to your doctor and shit to make sure that it’s safe for you to take stuff. But one thing I have noticed, and maybe it’s just in my head, but if I take ibuprofen before a ride or any type of exercise, I feel really sluggish, like, I’m not as spry or quick…does that make sense? All I know is, the older I get, the more I’m taking OTC pain meds…getting old really sucks.