My e-bike is helping me lose weight

I was one of those who believed that e-bikes are “cheater bikes” and yes, they are if you are racing against non-e-bikes or if you are using them to exercise. But let me explain what I mean by cheating.

What I have discovered is that the level of “cheating” depends on the rider; it is up to me to utilize the level of assistance that I want and therefore the type of workout I get from the ride. Another beneficial side effect of the e-bike is that I have been doing rides that I hadn’t done in years because of the climbs. I HATE climbing.

I have now ridden over 117 miles on my e-bike and I am always stoked to go riding again. I have also found myself using less pedal assistance on the mild climbs and therefore helping me burn more calories.

Another major change that I’ve experienced is that my endurance has also increased and therefore has benefited me when I go out on road rides (I know, yuk).