Hello 2022! Poseidon Bike update, new bikes, new owner and what is next

Does anyone still blog in 2022?? Since “retro” stuff is in, I guess we will try to start a new retro blogging trend! Anyhow, MtnBikeRiders.com was sold so I now have a new boss who has given me free reign on what I write about since I do this shit for free.

What the hell is new in 2022 for MtnBikeRiders.com? Well, it looks like gravel is still in and technically you do ride a gravel bike on the mountains so yes, we will have more gravel content. I have to admit that I really dislike the word “gravel”, I like “mixed terrain riding” but I guess that is not a marketing buzz phrase so we will stick with gravel.

So for starters, let’s begin with a Poseidon bike update and why I didn’t review it. I have sold both of my Poseidon bikes and everyone and their dog reviewed both Poseidon bikes. I can tell you that both bikes were good budget bikes but both were heavy AF. I enjoyed riding the Poseidon Redwood the most but at the end it was not a bike that suited my needs.

I converted the Poseidon Redwood into a bikepacking rig, but none of my bikepacking trips materialized so it sat in my shed for months without being loved. I am happy to report that the bike was sold to a young lady who is really enjoying this bike.

I also ended up selling my road bikes and ended up going balls out and bought a Giant Revolt 2 advanced gravel bike. Yup, I was able to get this bike right in the middle of the great bike shortage. This was also the first time that I paid full MSRP for a bicycle. Gone are the days of a free bike fitting, helmets or a “tax free” discount. I will post more about this bike later on.

What is the other popular bicycle trend? E-bikes…. they are freaking everywhere, all kinds, road, hybrids, mountain, gravel, you name it, it is electrified. Yes, I decided to go to the dark side and I did end up purchasing an e-bike. Boy did I get shit from my riding buddies! I bought an Orbea Gain D40 that I converted to an all terrain road bike.

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