Interbike 2008: Evomo

Last week at Interbike, we met up with Evomo Master Mind and Rukus Maker, Bryan Thombs who were accompanied by two of his body guards Clint “Chicks Dig” Hossman and Brett “Anything Goes” Miller. Bryan had sent us some Evomo shirts to wear to the show and since we’re big fans of Evomo, we gladly accepted his offer. Here is the MtnBikeRiders Crew sporting the (Priscilla)Brain Case, (RL and Joe)Rukus International, and (Moe)Ranger.
With that said we wanted to get a group photo with the Joe Solancho Special…scheck it out!

West SIDE!
This one is our “Who’s your daddy shot?” RL, Moe, Bryan and Brett man handling Clint.
Ok ok…this time we’re serious.

At this time Priscilla was taking the pictures. She kept saying “work it work it!” So I did.

I kept Working it! But I think I lost the guys on this one.
Once I snapped out of my male modeling flashback, I quickly thanked the guys at Evomo for providing us some sweet clothing, cuz if they didn’t, I would have been naykit!

Make sure you check out Evomo Clothing, they have the best Mountain Biking clothing as well as casual clothing on EARTH!

Interbike 2008: SDG USA – Patriot Saddle and I-Beam adapter for Thompson post

A couple of new items from the saddle specialists are the Patriot saddle and an I-Beam adapter for your existing Thompson seat post.  Here to talk about it is my friend Chris Han of SDG.


For more information on SDG’s complete line, visit

IMG_0783 by bicyclebloggers.      The new Patriot saddle.

IMG_0780 by bicyclebloggers.            

Pictured is a prototype but it is slated to go into production later this year

Interbike 2008: Turner bikes now with DW link

Turner bikes sports new linkage…DW link.  One of the buzz I heard frequently at Interbike is how well the new Turner bikes rode.  MtnBikeRiders didn’t make it to the dirt demo however I ran into several LBS mechanics as well as other acquaintances in the industry at the show.  They raved about the new partnership (Turner & DW) and the difference from the previous models.  Hopefully we’ll have a chance to ride it soon so we can experience the buzz.  Here are some pictures of their new bikes.  Same models with the new linkage. 

For more information on Turner’s complete line, visit


IMG_1016 copy by bicyclebloggers.IMG_1017 copy by bicyclebloggers. 


IMG_1018 copy by bicyclebloggers.IMG_1019 copy by bicyclebloggers.IMG_1020 copy by bicyclebloggers.


IMG_1023 copy by bicyclebloggers.IMG_1024 copy by bicyclebloggers.

Interbike 2008: Commencal Team

Commencal riders were out in force at Interbike.  The Athertons along with Cedric Gracia were signing autographs for fans.  Here are a few pictures.IMG_1031 copy by bicyclebloggers.        Cedric Gracia, Dan and Gee Atherton signing a t-shirt for a fan.

IMG_1035 copy by bicyclebloggers.    


-triple crown fork

-8″ travel

-3″ shock stroke 

IMG_1036 copy by bicyclebloggers.

-Supreme Racing

-single crown fork

-6.3″ rear travel

-2.25″shock stroke

IMG_1037 copy by bicyclebloggers.

the new Furios

-7″ rear travel

-ideal for Slope Style 

For more information on Commencal’s complete line, log onto

Interbike 2008: Joe Solancho-Professional Action Sports Photographer

If you all didn’t know, Joe “mamma jamma” Solancho was our photographer for Interbike 2008. I’ve seen Joe’s pro work on his website JS3Images and he’s got a pretty impressive resume. He’s shot photos for Nathan Rennie, Brian Lopes and many more.

If you’ve seen our Flickr gallery, then you’ll see the quality work he does. Before the show, I had bought some new aviator glasses since I had lost my last pair. This time I wanted to add some flair to my aviators, rather than getting the gold frame and dark lenses, I went with silver frames and silver lenses. At the show we were hanging out at the Media Center and I had asked Joe if he does portraits, he confidently said, “(expletive)…Please!”

So here are my exclusive JS3Images Photoshoot in Vegas….

Heck he even took one of Moe…

Joe has some style…one of my favorite photos he took was of the Niner WFO.

So if you’re interested in having Joe snap photos of you send your requests to

Interbike 2008: KHS Bicycles


For the most part, the existing KHS Mountain bikes didn’t change much. The XC Team gets new colors, a Rock Shox SID and XO parts.

The biggest change, in my opinion, is the KHS Alite Team:

Yes fellas, the new Alite Team is an all carbon Monocoque frame!

KHS will also introduce the Velvet (Green Frame), the Lucky 7’s little brother:

also making its debut, the XCT 525 (yellow frame):

We are currently working on bringing you some cool interviews with Vince Calvillo, ‘Big Country’ and Melissa Buhl. Stay tuned and come back often, we are just getting started!!!