Interbike 2008: Turner bikes now with DW link

Turner bikes sports new linkage…DW link.  One of the buzz I heard frequently at Interbike is how well the new Turner bikes rode.  MtnBikeRiders didn’t make it to the dirt demo however I ran into several LBS mechanics as well as other acquaintances in the industry at the show.  They raved about the new partnership (Turner & DW) and the difference from the previous models.  Hopefully we’ll have a chance to ride it soon so we can experience the buzz.  Here are some pictures of their new bikes.  Same models with the new linkage. 

For more information on Turner’s complete line, visit


IMG_1016 copy by bicyclebloggers.IMG_1017 copy by bicyclebloggers. 


IMG_1018 copy by bicyclebloggers.IMG_1019 copy by bicyclebloggers.IMG_1020 copy by bicyclebloggers.


IMG_1023 copy by bicyclebloggers.IMG_1024 copy by bicyclebloggers.

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