Turner RFX – A Unicorn Sighting!

For several years Turner followers have been waiting patiently for the RFX, their 6” model. Since they’ve partnered with DW Link, this was the only model that hasn’t hit production. Rumors floated around the mountain biking world of sightings, yes it’s in production, etc… but the truth is it not currently available. Many have been waiting for this model to hit the market including myself.

At the Sea Otter, I was able to finally see it. My previous trips by the Turner booth, the RFX prototype was not available. Then late Saturday the bike was there! Turner DarkHorse racer, Jeff Williamson was getting ready to race downhill with it!

While still in prototype, the buzz is out there. This bike is SICK!!! Specs are subject to change therefore Turner did not go into detail when speaking about the RFX. In the meantime, check out the pics and let’s hope that we see something by the end of the year!

Sea Otter 2009: Turner Sultan Quick Ride Review

The 2009 Turner Sultan

The longest but least technical ride of the weekend sadly belonged to the Turner Sultan. The “least technical” part was not by choice. Scissors and I started out thinking it would be great to get in a longer ride on Saturday morning before the crowds showed up. After looking around we saw a 10 mile tour ride. Sadly the “tour” part meant all fireroad. It ended up being about 4+ miles of fast downhill fireroad proceeded by a long, tough 5+ mile climb. We were able to, in the end, ride some fun singletrack, but that was short lived as we hit the pavement after less than a mile of singletrack and went back to the Sea Otter exhibition area.

The DW Link is new for the 2009 model year on the Sultan and, correct me if I’m wrong, all Turner bikes

My first thought on the Sultan was: 4.7 inches of travel on a 29er is going to be total overkill for my riding style. I was very concerned about the extra travel robbing me of the pedaling efficiency I experience with hardtails and 3″ full suspension 29ers. Pedaling efficiency was and is key for me because even though I’m more of a XC oriented rider, I’m still a clyde and pedal bob wreaks havoc on my mind.

The Sultan, though, blew me away when it came to climbing. It was extremely efficient even without having to “lock out” or turn on the propedal feature of the shock. I distinctly remember commenting to myself that even though I’m not a fan of long sustained climbs the Sultan’s efficiency made it sort of OK. The 50% more travel than I’m used to (from 3″ to 4.7″) wasn’t noticeable at all when climbing. I expected some bounce and for the shock to be using some travel, but nothing.

The Off Road 10 mile Tour’s saving grace was a rest stop at the bottom of the descent. Cookies, drinks, made to order sandwiches and a bike mechanic, all for free! You rock, Sea Otter!

On the wide fireroad downhill, the Sultan did great. I mean really, what bike would not have done well in that situation? Poor trail choice by the rider. The singletrack we finally did get to do was new to me but I did get a chance to open things up just a smidge when the coast was clear and I could see ahead down the singletrack a bit. The Turner Sultan did really well in those situations but even then the zip tie showed I wasn’t using all of the travel. I really wish I had some more time on more technical trails to get a good feel for this bike.

Interbike 2008: Turner bikes now with DW link

Turner bikes sports new linkage…DW link.  One of the buzz I heard frequently at Interbike is how well the new Turner bikes rode.  MtnBikeRiders didn’t make it to the dirt demo however I ran into several LBS mechanics as well as other acquaintances in the industry at the show.  They raved about the new partnership (Turner & DW) and the difference from the previous models.  Hopefully we’ll have a chance to ride it soon so we can experience the buzz.  Here are some pictures of their new bikes.  Same models with the new linkage. 

For more information on Turner’s complete line, visit www.turnerbikes.com


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What Does Turner Bikes and Evomo Clothing Have in Common?

They both are kick ass companies! Well the two are now working together. That’s right Turner Bikes is sponsoring Team Evomo. Turner is hooking them up with some beautiful bikes with my favorite paintless look, raw aluminum!

Today is lucky 7/7/07 and we have some great news to share. The Evomo Mountain Bike Team is proud to announce that Turner Bikes is now our official bike supplier.

The company that is unfortunately on our team kits pretty much blew us off. After we figured out that we were being ignored we decided that we needed to refocus on what was important to us as riders. Quite honestly, we were lured into believing a lot of hype. We thought we could be a part of something that really does not exist with a big company, a sense of community.

Click on the photos to make them bigger!

To read more about the Evomo Turner Sponsorship, check out the Evomo Blog.