What Does Turner Bikes and Evomo Clothing Have in Common?

They both are kick ass companies! Well the two are now working together. That’s right Turner Bikes is sponsoring Team Evomo. Turner is hooking them up with some beautiful bikes with my favorite paintless look, raw aluminum!

Today is lucky 7/7/07 and we have some great news to share. The Evomo Mountain Bike Team is proud to announce that Turner Bikes is now our official bike supplier.

The company that is unfortunately on our team kits pretty much blew us off. After we figured out that we were being ignored we decided that we needed to refocus on what was important to us as riders. Quite honestly, we were lured into believing a lot of hype. We thought we could be a part of something that really does not exist with a big company, a sense of community.

Click on the photos to make them bigger!

To read more about the Evomo Turner Sponsorship, check out the Evomo Blog.

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