Interbike 2008: Veloce Speedwear

At Interbike I received a bib to test from Veloce (pronounced velo che) Speedwear.  From their Collection series they gave me the Wide-Band bib.  Based out of Florida, this company makes high quality cycling wear. 

IMG_8809 copy by you.                      Wide-Band conforms to your legs with comfort.

Product description:

  • Exclusive, premium Italian chamois
  • Nylon/Lycra material
  • Flat stitching in three color options (grey, red and yellow stitching)
  • Highest quality in comfort.

In the past, I have typically worn either baggy shorts or the conventional lycra shorts.  This past weekend I wore the bib to the SC Velo XC Challenge.  The Veloce bib provided me with pure comfort for 12 miles as I rode on a fairly thin saddle.   The chamois was so comfortable that I didnt not have any discomfort during and after the race.  The bib stayed inplace as I was on and off the saddle in between climbs and decents.  Thus far, my first experience wearing the Veloce Wide-Band bid was a good one.

IMG_8879 by you. 

First impression:

  • comfortable
  • non restricting
  • wide-band felt very comfortable around my legs 

I’ll be wearing this pair to several races left in 2008 as well as weekend trail rides.  Look for a complete review towards the end of the year. 

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Interbike 2008: Yess Pro Chain Tensioner

A while back I did a review of the Yess Pro Full Suspension Single Speed Tensioner.

At Interbike, we met up with Yess Pro and they showed me one of their other tensioners and I asked if we could test it, they agreed and handed me a unit right there.

This is the ETR-B, its a bottom bracket mounted tensioner. I wanted to try this baby out because I want to make my drive train look cleaner and eliminate the tensioner that hands from the derailleur hanger.

The ETR-B is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and tension.

Once I get it installed, I’ll report back on the performance.

SC Velo, XC Challenge: Tinker Juarez still smokin!

22 years after his debut into Mountain Bike racing, David “Tinker” Juarez is still fast as ever.  Tinker a renowned BMX and Cross Country rider has a slew of accomplishments that spans over two decades. 

This weekend Tinker raced at the SC Velo Cross Country Challenge.  At 47 yrs old, he literally smoked the competition.  Up against many competitors (some who are half his age), they were no match for his speed.

IMG_9017 copy by you.                                                                             Tinker exploding from the Start.

As the Team watched from the sidelines, we heard the announcer call out Tinker’s name every time he came in to complete a Lap.  The PROs were required to complete 6 Laps / 24 miles.  No where in sight where his competitors.  Needless to say he came in first place.

Below is a list of some of his accomplishments.  In the recent years, Tinker has been competing in Endurance type events. 

  • 2005 Furnace Creek 508 mile road race, second place
  • 2005 Presented with Cannondale’s Icon Award
  • Inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2001
  • 3-Time NORBA National Cross-Country Champion (’98, ’95, ’94)
  • Two-Time US Olympic Team Member (’96, ’00)
  • 4-Time consecutive National Champion, 24 – hour solo category
  • 2002 24 Hour National Champion
  • 2001 NORBA National Champion, 24-Hour Solo Category
  • 2000 NORBA Cross-Country, Mt. Snow – fifth place
  • 2000 NORBA Cross-Country, Mammoth and Crystal Mountain – seventh place
  • 2000 World Cup Cross-Country, Mazatlan – tenth place
  • 1999 NORBA Short Track Overall – fifth place
  • 1999 NORBA Cross-Country Overall – ninth place
  • 1998 NCA Cross-Country Finals – first place
  • 1998 NCS Cross-Country; Red Wing – second place
  • 1998 Tour of the Rockies, Overall – third place
  • 1995 Pan American Games – Gold Medal
  • 1994 World Cross-Country Championships – Silver Medal
  • 1993 Inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame

IMG_8596 by you.IMG_8580 by you.                                  Tinker at Sea Otter in 2004. 

IMG_0754 by you.                              Me w/Tinker at the iBert booth, Interbike 2008.

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Interbike 2008: Clif Bar-Shot Roks

There were TONS of food/energy drink companies at Interbike, but Clif Bar was the one that wowed me. They have a new product called “Shot Roks” that was introduced at the show.

Basically these things look like candy coated Whoppers with a chewy center. What’s cool is each Rok has 2 grams of protein and it comes in 3 flavors, Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, and Chocolate (my fav!)
shot roks
Here’s more information on it. CLICK HERE.

They even had a hot chocolate recovery drink…that was yummy!

Interbike Superstars

One of the highlights of Interbike for me is meeting and greeting friends new and old in the industry. We also can get a little star struck every now and then. RL is a HUGE Melissa Buhl fan. Melissa Buhl IS super cool but I get a little star struck when I see Dale Holmes. After I stalked him for two days, Joe finally asked Dale if he’d take a picture with me. Thanks Joe! 😉 He was kind enough to pose with me for a quick shot. I was too weak in the knees to say anything other then “Thank you.” *I am such a dork*

Note to self: When posing with World Champions, remove your backpack and put down the magazine!!

Dale Holmes is a UCI WORLD Champion with over 200 career professional wins!!! He is also a mountain cross rider for KHS. This guy has been racing since 82, and he is uber cool. My admiration is based strictly on his mad biking skills and his tattoos. lol.

His interests: Any Sports,working on the Free Agent World Team, hanging out with friends, Starbucks, working on his website

Ok. Ok. I’ll stop. 🙂

Also a little early “Happy Birthday” shot out to Mr. Holmes…… 🙂

Interbike 2008: Long travel 29er forks

Since the breakout of the 29ers into the 26” world, long travel 29er forks have only been seen on a “wish list”.  There were several in existence, but for 2009 – Ask and you shall receive! 

At Interbike 2008 there were an abundance of 5-6” travel forks.  Although some were labeled as prototypes, the idea to progress more than 4” is here.

Check out some of the 29er long travel forks from various makers:  

White Brothers: 

Fluid 29 150mm

IMG_0982 copy by you. 

Magic 29 110mm and Fluid 110mm

IMG_0978 copy by you.

Fluid 29 135mm

IMG_0979 copy by you.

Prototype 6”

IMG_0983 copy by you.

Fox Racing Shox

IMG_0962 copy by you.

Prototype Marzocchi 100-140 mm

IMG_0964 copy by you.

Spinner 29

interbike08-1-205 by you.

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