Chainless Mountain Bike

I’ve seen this company a while back but what really caught my attention was their Full Suspension Chainless Mountain Bike.

Here’s the specs on the FS.

ALL NEW DESIGN FOR 2007! Experience exhilarating riding in comfort and style. With the Outback’s full-suspension frame design, Shimano 8-speed premium gearing and rugged components, it is a unique blend of style and performance.

This recreational full-suspension mountain bike was made to navigate mountain trails and urban paths with increased comfort and control. The Outback’s aluminum frame offers a nimble, responsive ride, while its Velo plush seat and full-suspension design make those long rides incredibly comfortable and enjoyable. With a high torque rating and a wide gear range, the Shimano Inter-8 Premium (identifiable by its red stripe) is our smoothest, most rugged and most versatile gearing. The planetary gears are cold forged and heat treated to take long term abuse, and the hub internals are designed to handle inputs that would exceed what could be exerted by most any rider. The Outback’s 8-speeds offer a gear range comparable to 20 gears on a 24-gear chain bike, including some climbing gears for lots of off-road fun. With the tough, aluminum enclosed shaft drive and all-internal gearing, this bike also offers 13″ of ground clearance and the durability to take crashes that would otherwise cripple fully exposed chains and derailleurs. In short, this bike is ideal for anyone who enjoys the feel of a full-suspension mountain biking without the hassles of greasy, maintenance-prone chains and derailleurs.

If your looking for a bike that is as much fun tackling mountain trails as it is urban streets, nothing compares to the rugged reliability of the Outback.

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