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Woodstock Bikes Have Shut Down For Business

Posted by RL Policar On June - 13 - 2008

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It’s a shame to see this…

Sorry Folks!
But we have to shut down Woodstock Bikes!

After 4 fun years, as of June 13th 2008, due to various reasons, most of which we had no control, we are regrettably going out of business.

So we hope that everyone that bought a Woodstock Bikes 505 or 707 understands our situation and we hope that you do continue to enjoy your bike. You have a high quality bike and should be proud of it.

The only real negative impact to our customers is the lifetime warranty we offered on the frames. Any warranty issues with the other components can still be handled with those manufacturers. The good news is that after 400+ bikes sold, we have never had to replace a frame, so chances are very good this won’t ever happen to you.

We like to think that we had a positive effect in mountain biking by offering a way for someone new to the sport to purchase a quality mountain bike at a good price and find a new recreational activity they can stick with. And we also like to think that our customers that were already cycling enthusiast, were able to get someone else involved in cycling by talking about the good deal they got on a new bike.

Anyway, it was fun! We will miss it!

Jimmy & Libby

Please Note:
If in the future, you need a derailleur hanger for your Woodstock bike, you can get them at
For the Woodstock 505, you will need # 27
For the Woodstock 707, you will need # 38

10 Responses to “Woodstock Bikes Have Shut Down For Business”

  1. ivan says:

    ouch 400 bikes in 4 years…. it’s a dog eat dog world out there….

  2. Yes it truly is a shame. The 505 is such a great bike, its just too bad more people didnt know about woodstock or werent willing to put their trust in their products. It seems like alot of people, no matter how sweet the deal, are just totally opposed to purchasing bikes online.

    I had toyed with the idea of stripping my 505 down this winter and repainting the frame matte black. Now I feel like ive got something rare and will deffinitely leave it as is.

  3. RL says:

    Hey Matt,

    I used to have a 707. I stripped it down and left the front triangle as bare aluminum:

    I just recently gave the frame away to a friend’s son (10) that will start using it for some DH riding.

  4. Snowcounselor says:

    I’ve been riding my 505 for 3+ years and love it (and the price I bought it at). I would have never gotten back into mt. biking when I did if I had to shell out $1k+ for a decent bike. The only thing I would have preferred is a better paint job. As a true limited edition though, I’ll now have to keep it as is (see comments above).

    Too bad for the folks at Woodstock Bikes. Wishing you better success on your next project. Maybe a cool pair of flip flops for less than $100? . . . seems obtainable.

  5. RL says:

    Woodstock was a great brand, its a shame that they went under.

  6. Chris in Ottawa says:

    Been riding my 707 for 5 years now, love it, and so do friends I let try it, hehehe
    Shame they had to close

  7. ben says:

    Just got my 505 ripped off yesterday, I had it for so many years….. I already miss her.. She was such a reliable bike.. last so well… I wish I could have another one…

  8. RL Policar says:

    That’s a bummer man…

  9. John says:

    Had my 707 swiped right outside the house this past week. I’m somewhat livid at my son for letting it out of his sight after telling him a million times, if you take the bike out, and you come in, even for a second, you bring the bike. I keep hoping to find some little punk riding it down the street, cause I’ll have no problem taking it back.

  10. RL Policar says:

    Sorry to hear that man.

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