Woodstock Bikes Have Shut Down For Business

It’s a shame to see this…

Sorry Folks!
But we have to shut down Woodstock Bikes!

After 4 fun years, as of June 13th 2008, due to various reasons, most of which we had no control, we are regrettably going out of business.

So we hope that everyone that bought a Woodstock Bikes 505 or 707 understands our situation and we hope that you do continue to enjoy your bike. You have a high quality bike and should be proud of it.

The only real negative impact to our customers is the lifetime warranty we offered on the frames. Any warranty issues with the other components can still be handled with those manufacturers. The good news is that after 400+ bikes sold, we have never had to replace a frame, so chances are very good this won’t ever happen to you.

We like to think that we had a positive effect in mountain biking by offering a way for someone new to the sport to purchase a quality mountain bike at a good price and find a new recreational activity they can stick with. And we also like to think that our customers that were already cycling enthusiast, were able to get someone else involved in cycling by talking about the good deal they got on a new bike.

Anyway, it was fun! We will miss it!

Jimmy & Libby

Please Note:
If in the future, you need a derailleur hanger for your Woodstock bike, you can get them at http://www.derailleurhanger.com/allderailleurhangers.htm
For the Woodstock 505, you will need # 27
For the Woodstock 707, you will need # 38

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