Ride Report: Turnbull Canyon – Guest Appearance

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All of us lucky enough to go out and ride Turnbull Canyon on Saturday got to see one of the most elusive, stealthy animals on the planet… The Moe. The Moe is very similar to the mysterious cougar who prowls the bars of Orange County searching for the unsuspecting young buck. Wait, wait, wait… I’m thinking of the wrong cougar.

No, the mysterious cougar that The Moe resembles is the feline that is seldom viewed by the public. More often the mysterious cougar has probably seen a mountain biker 10 times before the mountain biker has seen the cougar once. The Moe, via the power of the internet probably has the same 10:1 ratio or seeing mountain bikers to being seen by mountain bikers.

Anyway, enough about The Moe and onto the Turnbull Canyon ride report! Turnbull Canyon claimed its first victim when, not even half-a-mile onto the trail, our friend Ryan got his chain stuck between the bottom bracket and the crankset. A twisted chain link later and Ryan was cruising back to his car. This was a great downer for all of us and the depressed mood pervaded the band of bikers for the next few miles or was that depressed mood more a result of the nasty climb? Either way, we were all bummed for Ryan.

Turnbull Canyon has lots of fun parts to it. We decided to take the 2 mile fireroad climb in. Yes, it is actually fun. We followed this by switchbacks going down and then switchbacks coming up. We capped off the great ride with a sweet singletrack descent that dropped us off on the streets below our car. I’m not much of a roadie but the last singeltrack, with its exposure, is worth having to grind out a half-mile road climb back to the car.

All in all, about 1500 feet of climbing in an 8 mile double loop. Lots of fun. Hopefully, we’ll have Ryan riding with us again soon. And for your viewing pleasure, never before published video of The Moe. The Moe is the biker wearing blue riding the silver bike. He sometimes looks like he is struggling on the trail… that’s because he is.

5 thoughts on “Ride Report: Turnbull Canyon – Guest Appearance

  1. The Moe pretends to be struggling up the hill, this gives his victims a sense of security, he even taunts his victims by teasing them about their climbing abilities, only to see them blow up at the top. That’s where The Moe attacks, leaving his victims astonished about his prowess… The Moe may not be the strongest.. but he is definitely a smart beast…

  2. MOI, Marcio, I certainly have missed out on some great rides. Saw BIG DADDY AKA Anthony walking it…. WTF was that. LOL… Looks like when I get the chance to ride with you and your buds I need to be ready. I am looking forward to it. When is the next one I can do Sunday’s for sure. Let me know and by the way do you have a MTB I can barrow since BIG DADDY will be riding too.
    See you soon and I almost forgot RL hope to see you too.

  3. Anthony did great for his 4th time mountain biking. After graduating from the Fullerton Loop, we took him to Turnbull Canyon where he was faced with tight switchbacks, singletrack with some exposure and 2 long climbs. I think Anthony is hooked!

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