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We just received some pictures of Redline’s 2009 mountain bikes and they are quite the looker. No worries, these aren’t all the mountain bikes that Redline is offering in 2009. All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Monocog Flight



I am particularly smitten with the blue/grey paint job on the D660. Redline’s website has not been updated with these pictures yet, so be patient. In the meantime, check out Redline for info on their 2008 bikes.

7 thoughts on “Redline 2009 Mountain Bikes

  1. I am glad to see that they, trimmed the number of 29ers, and I think they picked the right ones to keep.

  2. I like these as well, but I’m not sure they trimmed the number of 29ers. These are the ones they gave us to show. When we receive more info/pictures from Redline, we’ll post them.

  3. OOH…like that extra reinforcement on top of the rear chainstays(D660). The dropouts look nice too. Great color scheme!

  4. Just got my ’09 660 today! Love it so far. The paint scheme is a little different than the pic above – more of a deeper grey with bright green graphics. The SRAM X-9 was a little tweaked from the factory but my bike shop put another rear der. on for me and it’s good as new. Tthe 1×9 set-up is easy, quick and all the gears I’ll ever need. Bike is light, nimble and rolls like a mofo. Steep climbs are a challenge but with some getting used to, I’m sure I’ll master it quickly. paid $1500 out da door. Mike’s Bikes in Newbury Park, Ca rocks!

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