2010 Fox F29 & RP23 w/boost

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Couple of links came across my email this evening and I thought I’d share them with you. Both of them are regarding Fox products: the F29 and the RP23.

The first one is for the 2010 Fox F29. It has something many people have been wanting out of a Fox F29… stiffness via TA. In this case it’s the Fox TA version, the 15QR.

Click picture for supersize!

Some other new changes:
Colors are standard white & black, options: titanium
Remote Lockout
“FIT” damper system
New ergo lockout levers

I’m very excited about these changes, especially the lockout. The 15QR is a nice change as well, but why not go full TA?

Also, got a link to the new 2010 RP23 with “boost”.

Also, supersize-able

Not much info about the new “boost valve” damping technology other than that it “eats up square edged bumps, eliminates suspension over travel and provides bottom-out resistance like no other FLOAT has.”

EDIT: Found more info on the Boost Valve.

If this comes out at Sea Otter 2009, we’ll be there to cover it. SO is in 2 1/2 weeks!

5 thoughts on “2010 Fox F29 & RP23 w/boost

  1. FYI, this info came out about a week ago and other blogs were asked not to publish them by Fox.

  2. I was wondering how we got this info and nobody else has it yet.
    We did not receive it from Fox and were not asked to hold off on publishing it. Until they ask us to do that we’ll have it up on the site. I’m sure it’ll be on everyone’s site as soon SO comes around in two weeks.

  3. The info originally came out on a German news site(the site manager posted full 2010 brochure scans). Then Sickline posted the scans from them as well, then Fox noticed what was going on and shut them both down.

    That is how it was

  4. fox needs to shut down more sites. i think suppression is important.
    besides wtf is up with Boost valve technology.
    everyone knows thrust core technology is better.

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