By definition Synergy means….n., pl. -gies. 1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

So the other day Dave Sanderson and I were talking about the possibilities of combining our skills to make one super DH rider. David has this uncanny ability to be in shape, his SS racing and riding shows its colors during the races and was evident in his DH run. But what he lacks in I can make up for. You see, David had 2 unfortunate events which led him to taste test some local rocks at the last race.

Luckily he was ok, and the bike was fine too. When it came to my race, I simply gassed out, my legs had nothing left.

With the idea of being able to combine our skills…David’s Legs and My powers to avoid face plants, we would become “DAVREL the Super Duper DH Racer!” Daverel was the closest thing I could think of that combined both of our names. But What would this Super DH racer look like? Well check this out.

All we have to do is get a Snuggli, place me inside, and David wears the Snuggli as he pedals! I steer the bike and get us down the mountain in one piece! Brilliant I tell you! Here’s a rendition of what we’d look like.

Just think about it…David’s physical fitness powers and my mad bike handling skills….dude…We’d be on the podium every single time!

Now we just have to come up with our costume…I was thinking of tights with red underwear on the outside…

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