Hi Sexy!

That’s right, I’m talking to you! Yep, I called you sexy!

Now just to be clear, I’m not gay, far from it! I love vagina! But saying “Hi Sexy” to your riding buddies isn’t a gay act or saying. You’re merely acknowledging the fact that your friend is sexy. Nothing queer about that right? I mean, if you’re a male that is 100% confident in their sexual orientation, then saying such things isn’t going to be a big deal. Think of it this way, women do this all the time. They’ll talk about how some one is pretty or how someone is hot…all the time! But there’s nothing sexual about it, they’re acknowledging that the person they are talking about looks good.


I know what you’re thinking, you may feel uncomfortable calling your buddies Sexy. Hey, that’s ok…it does take some practice and getting used to. So let’s give it a try, below are some scenarios on how you can practice saying “Hi Sexy!”

  1. Boss: “Hi Sexy, I’ve got those TPS Reports ready for you.”
  2. Father in-law: “Hi Sexy, can I borrow your floor jack?”
  3. Grocery store clerk: “Hi Sexy, I’ll take paper bags.”
  4. Priest: “Hi Sexy, I need to confess my sins…”
  5. Barista: “Hi Sexy, I would like a grande, half calf, triple shot, upside down soy, caramel machiatto with 3 pumps of vanilla and whipped cream.”

See…it’s not so hard right? So make sure you start saying this to your buddies this weekend, you’ll find that they’ll return the favor and start calling you sexy or they might even use an upgraded term, a sexy bitch!