How to get big calves

If you’ve been mountain biking for a while but haven’t noticed any progress with the size of your calves. Here are some sure fire tips on how to get them bigger!

1. Ride more! Keep putting down the miles and when you are climbing, try standing up. That will get your calves working harder.

2. Do calve raises. Convince someone to sit on your back while you do this exercise. This will isolate your muscles and allow you to make some pretty big gains.


3. Wear slim/skinny fit pants. Nothing shows off your calves like some slim pants. Got these from Old Navy for about $30, worth every penny!

4. Genetics. If you weren’t born with good genetics, then you’ll probably be stuck with chicken legs and a balding head. Sorry, not really sure how to help you with this one.

5. Shave your legs. Last but not least. Shave them hairy legs. Porn stars do it with their genitals to make them look bigger. The same principle applies to your legs.