KORE Bicycle Components: OCD Handlebar and Repute Stem

KORE Bicycle Components had sent the MtnBikeRiders.com World HQ a handsome pairing of the OCD Handlebar and the Repute Stem for testing.
KORE OCD handlebar
KORE OCD Handlebar
kore ocd bar on mtnbikeriders.com
These items were mounted on the KHS XCT 556 during the test since this my AM bike that I typically spend my time riding. Though these worked great on the AM bike, it would actually compliment my downhill bike nicely. Currently my Airborne Taka DH is already equipped with OEM Kore products, so adding the bar and stem would have bee a perfect match.
kore OCD
800mm is plenty wide! So this means a few things, you can leave it alone and rock it wide or cut it down a few notches for a custom fit.
AL7050-T6 Triple Butted
31.8 Bar Clamp Diameter
5 Degree upsweep, 7 degree back sweep
Zero, 20mm, 35mm Rise Options
800mm Wide
HRT graphics
Polish Grey, Red ED Or Black ED
Weight – 285g
Price: $50

KORE Repute Stem
kore repute stem
AL6061 T6 3D Forged With Post CNC
CNC Center Bore To Reduce Weight
Cross Clamp Steerer Bolts
Zero Degree Rise
35mm and 50mm Extensions
31.8 Bar Bore, 1 1/8 Steerer Clamp, 35mm Stack Height
High Polish Black
Laser Logos
Weight – 126g / 35mm, 163g / 50mm
Price $60

One of the things I loved about the Kore Repute stem is that it’s short. At 35mm, it gives me the PERFECT fit on my bike. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve got short arms so that means I love any stem that is at least 40mm. With the Repute being 35mm, there was now way of disliking it. The Repute stem had me at Hello!
kore repute stem

When the OCD bar and Repute stem are combined, your bike will feel instantly different. I’ve always been a proponent of wide bars and short stem. Handling increases tenfold, and the aesthetics goes up too.
kore handlebar and stem
Having this great combination of a wider bar and short stem, allowed me to maneuver my bike with more ease. It gives me more leverage when turning causing faster reaction times and a stable ride since my hands are gripping at a wider stance. The only downside to having such a wide bar would be clearing things. What I mean is, if you’re riding on a narrow trail where the brush comes in, you could easily hit your knuckles on plants and trees.
mtnbikeriders.com reviews kore components
As far as the quality of the Kore OCD bar, no complaints here, it’s a pretty stiff bar, no flexing or anything of the like. The Repute stem grabbed the OCD and held it tight. At 126g, this thing is pretty light, yet surprisingly durable. The bar and stem combo has seem some gnarly trails, from berms jumps to drop 4-5feet high, not once did they feel like they were going to break. The KORE Components, OCD and Repute Stem are high in quality, affordable and very durable. If you’re in the market for wider bars and shorter stems, take a look at the Kore OCD and Repute, not only will it be cheaper than some of the other brands out there, but we certainly like it, so that should count for something. Oh by the way, when you get the OCD Bar, you’ll get people asking you ALL the time how wide your bar is. I always answered with a coy smile, “Pretty darn WIDE!”

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