Benefits of Coconut

In a previous article, I mentioned that Coconut Oil is great for your skin. But I’m sure you’ve heard all the talk about the benefits of coconut water and you’ve probably seen all the packaged coconut water in your local grocery store. Though, packaged water is great for hydration, a small container of it can cost up to $4.00.

What if I told you there’s a way you can enjoy FRESH coconut water and get a meal out of it? Well here’s what I’ve been doing for years. I typically will buy a case of young coconut at the local Asian Market. I’ll wait until they go on sale because when they are, the price hovers around $8-$9 for a box of 9. With a fresh young coconut, the problem you may have is opening it to get to the good stuff. Below you’ll see some photos and directions on what I do to open them up.

Step 1. Tools: Knife, spoon and a straw (not pictured).
Step 2. I like to shave off the husk off the crown of the coconut in order to get a cleaner and easier access to the shell.
how to open a coconut
Step 3. Take your knife, and strike the heel of it about an inch and a half from the top of the shell.
coconut water
Step 4. Wiggle the knife up and down and the shell will automatically open. In some cases you’ll have to rotate the knife to help cut the shell open. Be careful when you do this, you could cut yourself.
Step 5. Remove the piece you just cut, this will expose the meat of the coconut.
nuts for coconuts
Step 6. Poke a hole with the knife on the top so you can insert a straw to drink the water.
Step 7. Take your spoon and start scraping off the meat. Some younger coconuts will have a thinner meat. The one in the photo is a bit thick, so it’s going to take some effort to get it all out.
open a coconut
Eat as you scrape! The meat of a coconut averages out to 159 calories, 6.8g of carbs and 1.5g of protein. and the water has a caloric value 46, 8.9g of carbs and 1.7g of protein.
So the next time you finish your ride, bust out a coconut at the trail and show you’re friends how you replenish your body with the nutrients and hydrating capabilities of coconuts.

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