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Snow Summit Edit By Neal Bryant

Posted by RL Policar On July - 16 - 2014

 Powered by Max Banner Ads Team Racer Neal “Hollywood” Bryant works in the film industry. He took his God-Given skills and made this sweet edit while he was at Snow Summit with some of his shredder friends.

Energy Bears by

Posted by RL Policar On July - 8 - 2014

The last month or so we’ve been working with a lab to help us develop our newest product…Energy Bears! That’s right, ENERGY BEARS(tm). These Energy Bears were the brain-child of RL Policar (that’s Me! and The Moe). We wanted to develop a new energy chew that we are all familiar with. Jelly Belly came out with their energy beans so we figured that we should do something just as fun!

This is when we had this bright idea of coming out with the Energy Bears. This High-Energy snack is perfect for anytime you need that extra push of energy. Whether you eat them before, during or after your work outs, Energy Bears will deliver all the nutrients you need to help keep you going.

Energy Bears

What are Energy Bears made out of? We made sure that we sourced the best active ingredients to help you get the most out of each Bear. QRS is what we called our deliver system, basically that means QUICK RELEASE SUGARS. Simple sugars give you that push without the sluggish downside of caffeine laced products. It’s a natural energy high that actually tastes like candy! In fact Energy Bears uses both Natural and Artificial flavoring to give you that sweet, hot, cinnamon taste without it being too over powering.

Energy Bears are only 150 calories for a serving of 5 Bears!
Energy Bears
So the next time you feel that you need an energy pick-me-up, grab some Energy Bears! It’s going to help you get to BEAST MODE…or should we say…BEAR MODE?!!! Get it?!

If you’re interested in placing an order for our first batch, please send us an email: infoATmtnbikeridersDOTcom. We’ll send you 10 Energy Bears for the low cost of $2.00+$1.00 shipping US Only.

Check out the 2014 Team Jerseys

Posted by RL Policar On January - 15 - 2014

Check out our 2014 Team Jerseys. The Race Team had some changes this year and with that in mind, I decided to go completely away from the colors we’ve used in the passed. This year we’re proud to say that The Dainese D-Store in Costa Mesa Ca. has sponsored our team. A bit of a back story on our new kit. When we were working with Dainese to secure our sponsorship, I went ahead and picked out the shorts you see me wearing and worked on a design that closely match the colors and style of the shorts.

3/4 jersey with oval collar

Dainese logos on the sleeves and back.

This is me riding my invisible bike.

This is me riding my real bike during my first Super D race.

The jerseys were a big hit with the team. In fact when I set out to create the design, I waited until the last minute before sending a mock up to the the guys. Actually, the jerseys were already being made when they saw what it was going to look like. The fit is pretty nice, it allows you to wear elbow pads and of the DH guys, the can wear their body armor underneath without it being too constrictive.

At the KMC Chains Winter Series, we received a ton of compliments from other riders as well as other teams. By the way, we didn’t just buy some jerseys off the shelf and had iron-on logos made. No way, we went all out and had these custom designed and manufactured right here in Los Angeles Ca. That’s right, our jerseys sublimated and handmade by beautiful women who are the best in their craft.


Posted by Art Aguilar On September - 30 - 2013

I am always on the look out for new ways to get that great riding footage or a cool product video reviews for our readers of and in doing so we are on the look out for the newest tools to help us with that, so when we go to Interbike you will see a lot of new POV cameras trying to make a break in the market.
Now I will be truthful here I really didn’t know that SONY had a POV camera and what I saw did kind of remind me of the one I have now, but when I went into the booth something about the SONY ACTION CAM just caught my eye that told me it may be a hair better if not greater then the big guy out there, also this is SONY!! They are a leader in the camcorder industry as well as cameras, along with other electronics, so why wouldn’t they not know how to make a POV camera better then the leader in this realm.
Rachelle Arcebido from SONY Electronics was kind enough to go over their new ACTION CAM with me and I for one really like what she had to say about the SONY ACTION CAM’s features. Lets take a brief look at the new SONY ACTION CAM and
what you can get with it. The camera will come with two surface mounts, rugged waterproof protective housing, also in this pic below you will see the handle bar mount, as well as the camcorder mount, other accessories you will be able to get will be a chest mount, goggle mount, and roll bar mount just to name a few.

As you can see in the next few photos the ACTION CAM is slim and sized to be light in weight. Operation is also made to be easy. The only thing that I was told that SONY does not do themselves is the optics. SONY went to one of the leaders in the field for this and that would be Carl Zeiss. They give you an ultra-wide angle Vario-Tessar lens for perfect clarity. The ACTION CAM has a view screen on one side, the waterproof protective case has a standard tripod mount on the bottom, so you will be able to use it on just about any type of mounting system. True stereo speakers (not a mono speaker like the other guys), and all the necessary cable hook-ups within the unit, oh and did I forget to mention SONY’s own hallmark SteadyShot™ image stabilization, and Wi-Fi, and of course 1080 HD.
Is SONY going over the top with this new POV cam, no way. Watch out other guy I think you have some competition now.IMG_9424

This was one feature I loved more then anything, SONY has a kit that will turn your ACTION CAM into a hand held camcorder. Once you clip it into the unit it has a flip out screen that turns for you to position, also it has the standard tripod mount on the kit. This makes for one versatile POV camera.IMG_9432

If you don’t know who K-Edge is they make mounting systems out of nice machined aluminum that mount POV cams to the handle bars and under the seat. These are slick units that keep the cameras nice and clean on your bike.

I could go on with all the great feature that come with the new SONY ACTION CAM, but if I did and we get one to test I won’t have anything left to tell you, but what I can say is Rachelle said something that that made perfect sense when it come to the other guy, “They make mounting systems for a camera and we make a camera, the mounting systems are for it”. The camera should come first and we all know SONY has what it takes to make the best. This being said its a tough market to break into and it will break those who don’t keep up. SONY has a good thing here.

Thanks to Rachelle Arcebido for showing us the new ACTION CAM.
Interbike 2013 Coverage Proudly Sponsored by Black Tiger Jerky
Black Tiger Jerky


Posted by Art Aguilar On September - 25 - 2013


Here is your Downhill Interbike eye candy. Enjoy.


Interbike 2013 Coverage Proudly Sponsored by Black Tiger Jerky
Black Tiger Jerky


Posted by Art Aguilar On September - 25 - 2013

DAINESE FULL OF INNOVATION> Most people know DAINESE for their high excellence in quality as well as their high standard of safety. They have been doing it right since 1972 in the motorcycle industry and this has carried over to the mountain bike industry in 1992. What you see out there most others have copied, which is truly flattering.

They have a lot of first when it comes to developing something no one else has. So what did DAINESE do in 2012, they reinvented mountain biking protection again by incorporating the BOA retention system (what you see on ski boots and road cycling shoes) in their new line of knee and elbow pads, they also added aluminum sliders ( this from the roadracing suits) on the knee and elbows to the OAK PRO Guards, and to top off the last of it DAINESE developed a new padding to absorb impact better to go with their newest pads.

Made with the synergyc use of two innovative materials: Pro-Shape and Crash Absorb materials. A sandwich composed of an outer layer in polymer derived from F1 racing with the highest shock absorption capacity and remarkable elasticity is bonded to an inner layer of polyethylene foam of the highest thickness and visco elastic nitrile rubber to create an extremely flexible pad. (as quoted from Dainese)

With the popularity of Enduro Racing most companies have come out with lighter pads as well as gear and DAINESE has done the same.

For the Enduro Racer or weekend worrier the new light weight TRAIL SKINS Knee and Elbow Guards incorporate the same PRO-SHAPE materials as the OAK series of pads, but lighter.IMG_9250
Highly breathable as well as flexible one could only feel the air flow through them. You will also see side impact protection as well.

The new RHYOLITE JACKET SOFT has been updated for 2014 with added shoulder and elbow protected sleeves that can be removed. Back protection is the flexible Crash Absorb shape memory retention material (water-repellent elastic-visco nitrile rubber), along with PRO-SHAPE and Crash Absorb that is positioned in the front chest, side and abdomen areas.IMG_9252
The jacket like the pads is fully breathable.
If your just looking for the back protection DAINESE has you covered with the BACK PROTECTOR SOFT

The new Downhill Freeride line has changed as well. BASANITE jersey and HUCKER shorts are made with lighter materials and have more breath ability. If you look at the photo of the jersey from the back side you can see through it.
The shorts have nice big air panels to allow flow and comfort

The new ROCK SOLID-D gloves caught my eye. They look like the ROCK SOLIDS, but have a added PRO-SHAPE panel to the knuckle area. They were quite comfortable on the hand and as you can see in the photo the PRO-SHAPE flexes nice to the hand.
I don’t know what RL was trying to do here, but he made a nice hand model, plus his tux shirt matched the gloves.

DAINESE also has a new PERFORMANCE Jacket as well as PERFORMANCE ARMOR that uses the new MANIS Back Protector, also DAINESE has their new Enduro/Trail jersey and short called the DRIFTER. More on this later.
Look for DAINESE new gear soon.

Thanks to DAINESE guys for the time.

Interbike 2013 Coverage Proudly Sponsored by Black Tiger Jerky
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Posted by Art Aguilar On September - 23 - 2013


COMMENCAL has always been a bike that looks cool to me. If you have never heard of this little company from Andorra, they have had such riders as Anne-Caroline Chausson, Cédric GRACIA, and the powerhouse cycling family “the ATHERTONs on their bikes. Winning races all over the world cup circuit. Since 2000 this small company has made a big impact in a short time.

The flag ship SUPREME DH WORLD CUP leads the way with all the bells and whistles you need to take on any World Cup course. Top of the line Fox suspension, Formula Disc brakes, SRAM XO, RaceFace cranks, and E-13 Chain Guide you are ready for that rainbow jersey. IMG_9439

Now don’t take this one lightly, the SUPREME DH may not be the top of the line, but it will take you to the top of the podium if you have what it takes. It shares a lot of the same company components, but just the the next step down.
A closer look at the rear suspension gives you a super plush ride in the rough.



This is badass 6″ Enduro entry with Fox Float CTD with remote lever, Fox 34 Float Factory CTD FIT Remote. Both fork and shock have the KASHIMA Coating for smooth action, Formula Brakes, SRAM XO, and to top off a Rock Shox Reverb Stealth dropper seatpost.IMG_9435


COMMENCAL didn’t forget the little one’s in you clan. They are one of the few if not only manufacture that makes a 24″ and 20″ mini DH bicycle called the SUPREME24 and 20. This is the coolest thing to see out at your local races and I just love it. Makes me want to go have a kid just so I can buy one. “WOW I didn’t say that!!”
Also COMMENCAL has their Push Along called the RAMONES 12, which is disc brake compatible.IMG_9433

The colors may be a little bright, but one things for sure you will be noticed when you cross that finish line and to see more about the COMMENCAL line go to

Interbike 2013 Coverage Proudly Sponsored by Black Tiger Jerky

Un dia divertido en Oso Grande

Posted by RL Policar On August - 26 - 2013 impressed with my Mexican talk? I did take 3 years…or should I say “tres anos” of it in high school. But that’s about the extent of my Spanish.  But I still remember how to say, “La entrada esta alli, no aqui.” When I was 18, I was a security guard at a grocery store and I had to tell people that the exit, where I was stationed at, was not the entrance. Anyhow, let’s get back to what we did this weekend. So we rounded up some of the amigos de to join Lady, The Moe and myself at Snow Summit in Big Bear, Ca. We loaded up the Team Limo and hit the road. You’d think with all the KHS Bicycles we have, that we were sponsored by them…

KHS DH200 and KHS Lucky 7. The KHS XCT556 was inside the limo.

LadyP, The Moe and RL.

Safety first! Goggles are a must!

During our first run, we ran into Cuz’n Joe who happen to get a flat. Here we are helping him, that’s what family is for, we help.

It was right after this run I started to have issues with my bike. I noticed that there was some play on the headset. Kinda odd if you ask me. So I tightened things down and went for another run down the mountain. Half way through I notice the play go worse and worse! Now there was major play in it and no matter how much I tightened the top cap down, it would still move. I make down the mountain and I decided to check out my headset. I pulled off the bar/stem removed the upper crown race and bearings I noticed that the FSA Pig Heaseat pretty much blew up. I noticed that the lower bearings wore out so much that the piece that holds them all together was pretty much a goner. During that inspection, I noticed I was missing 3 bearings. Not sure if they fell off while I was up on the trail or they fell out while I was working on the bike at that same spot.

I called a show down the street called Chains Required. I asked them if they had that same model headset available for purchase. They didn’t but invited me to come in and see if they can help me out. I get there and one of the mechanics took me to the workshop and gave me some bearings that closely matched what I needed, at no charge! I hurry back to where I left my bike and tried to reassemble the headset, but there was still some play. I’m only guessing that the bearing cups and race wore out so much that it was the cause of my problems. After 2 runs down Snow Summit, I had to call it a day. Bummer. That’s ok, I knew that LadyP and the rest of the group was having a great time on the trails. Check out this photo of her.
LadyP Gettin' Gnarly

All in all, everyone seemed to have a great time. No one got hurt and we got to see Cuz’n Joe! Not sure why I posed like this…oh wait, now I remember! Look where my left hand is…haha.

Before I go, I wanted to leave you all with this piece of magic. This is Doc Thunda, after a few beers, he can cuss in any language.

Ghetto Tubeless follow up…3 years later!

Posted by RL Policar On July - 15 - 2013

A few years ago we did a video showing how we converted standard tires and rims to tubeless, or some might call it “Ghetto Tubeless.” Since then I’ve converted a number of my bicycles to this tire system. One of them was my downhill bike, the Airborne Taka.  I had raced 2011 and part of 2012 with the ghetto tubeless and never had I flatted during those events. In fact, I had never flatted with the Ghetto Tubeless with the Airborne Taka.

Fast forward 3 years later, I’ve maintained the ghetto tubeless on the Taka and found myself at Snow Summit Adventure Park in Big Bear, Ca. This was actually my 2nd trip up there with the Taka with this tire system.

During our second run through the trails I distinctly remember my rear tire hitting hard against a sharp rock. I recall hearing the “DING” on the rim. Sure enough, I had a flat…or so I thought.

Here I am trying to pump the tire back up. I was planning on changing to a tube, but the Taka has bolts on the rear wheel and I didn’t bring a wrench. So I sat there pumping and pumping in hopes the Stan’s Sealant would start to work its magic. I kept hearing air hissing out of the tire, but I kept at it.

Eventually the sealant found its way to the leak and did it’s job by patching the hole from the inside out. You can see where this occurred on this photo. From the looks of it, I had “burped” the tubeless. This is means the tire broke apart from the bead and the seal came apart, causing air to come out. Lucky for me the tire resealed it self and within 10-15 minutes I was back on the trail!

This was taken 4 complete runs after I had initially flatted.

If I may add, Lady P was riding the KHS Lucky 7 with the same Ghetto Tubeless system on the tires. No flats that day!

So why do I keep my DH bikes (Taka and Lucky 7) with Ghetto Tubeless? Couple of reasons, for one you saw that its self sealing in most situations. Secondly, I like to run my tires at low pressure when riding downhill. Low means 27-32psi on the tires. This allows me better control and grip on some of the terrain that SoCal dirt has to offer. Not all my bikes have tubeless, but for my DH bikes, it’s something I make sure they have installed for situations like the one above

Airborne Hobgoblin First Impressions

Posted by RL Policar On February - 13 - 2013

We recently took delivery of the new Airborne Hobgoblin. I actually bought this bike for my wife, it wasn’t something that Airborne Bicycles sent over to be reviewed. But since we have it, we might as well share our thoughts on the bike.

As you may have read before, we reviewed the Airborne Goblin, the Hobgoblin’s (Hob) stable mate.
airborne hobgoblin next to goblin

One of the things that stands out to me on the Hobgoblin is the internally routed cables. It’s a nice touch, and check out the fancy pearl navy paint job against the white graphics, sweet right?!

On LadyP’s first ride, she could not get over how smooth the bike is. Shifting was precise, braking was spot on and the suspension really excels on the downhills.
Airborne Hobgoblin

The Hob that LadyP has is the small, 15″. It seems to fit her really well. I even installed a 60mm stem on it to make the whole cockpit feel more comfortable. She was kind enough to let me ride the bike. In fact I’m planning on taking it out to Hurkey Creek in Indyllwild to do some XC riding over the weekend, and if time permits, hit up some DH trails at Southridge.
hob lunch ride
DH with the Hobgoblin? Well, ya. One thing I quickly figured out is that the Hobgoblin does REALLY well on descents. Not only is it a a fast bike, but it soaks up everything you roll on.

Price: $1749.95
Frame 7000series Hydroformed Aluminum Dual Suspension 29″ with 100mm of travel
Fork RockShox Reba RL 29 Dual Air w/Lock-Out, tapered steer, 100mm
Headset Ahead Sealed Cartridge 1 1/8″ to 1.5″ tapered
Rear Shock RockShox Monarch RL with lock-out
Brake Levers Avid Elixir 3
Brakes Avid Elixir 3 Hydraulic Disc
Rotors Avid 180mm front, 160mm rear
Shifters SRAM X-7 2×10
F Derailleur SRAM X-7 2×10
R Derailleur SRAM X-7 2×10 Mid-Cage
Cassette SRAM PG-1050 11-36T 10-Speed
Chain SRAM Powerchain 1051
Crank SRAM X-7 2×10, 38/24 rings
Bottom Bracket SRAM PressFitGXP
Pedals NONE
Rims WTB SpeedDisc I-19 Alloy Double-Walled with eyelets
Hubs KT HiFlange Sealed Bearing 32H
Spokes Black 14g Stainless
Tires GEAX AKA 2.2″
Handlebar AIRBORNE Alloy 640mm wide, 15 degree rise, 5 degree sweep
Stem AIRBORNE Alloy +/- 7 Degree Rise, size specific
Saddle Selle San Marco Ponza Power
Seat Post AIRBORNE Alloy 31.6mm Diameter, 350mm Length
Extras Owner’s Manual, Clear Coat, H20 Bottle Mount

I’m looking forward to see what this bike can handle because based on my first few rides on it, the Hobgoblin should be able to tackle more technical trails as well as possibly do some light DH.
hobgoblin lunch ride with
Check back soon for a full review.


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